What I've Been Up to Since Getting Back to England

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

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1. The view that will never get old
2. Bizarre pineapple-flowers at Columbia Road Market
3. Pretty Liberty flower display
4. Temporary home in Hackney City Farms
5. More pretties on Columbia Road

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6. Pretty pub in London
7. Pints with this baaaaabe
8. Goodies
10. Cheeky treats at Rory's

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11. A Tea and Cake London find
12. With the beautiful Charlotte!
13. Raspberry treats
14. I really just take pictures of cakes, don't I?
15. Liberty streamers (that I kind of want in my home)

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16. Met Alice for a coffee catch up
17. Lattes lattes lattes
18. Vintage rainbows in Shoreditch (of course)
19. Brick walls and flowerpots in New Cross
20. Tucked away pub Rory and I stumbled across while getting caught in the rain

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21. Iced lattes
22. More cake. Cake. Cake. I should have just called this post All The Cake I Keep Eating and Why Don't Any of My Shorts Fit Me I Wonder?
23. Shopdog guarding the door
24. A charming cup of tea
25. Making new friends

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Bronwyn said...

SO much to see and do in the fine city of London. I, too, eat way too much cake - but you only live once, right? Looking forward to reading about more of your adventures!XOXO Bronwyn

Laila said...

It sounds so lovely! I love all the pictures of cake - you do pick out some aesthetic places to visit :) Also love that you went to Fika! I work about 2 seconds from that place, I love it it's so nice. One of my best pals just started working there. And the pictures of New Cross! One of the things I most enjoy on your blog is the little snippets of New Cross becuase it brings back fond memories of living there :) X