things that make me happy

Thursday, December 30, 2010


family <3 friends <3 kiwi (my diabetic, arthritic, almost blind, savage but ridiculously cute dog) <3 good books <3 christmas lights <3 baking <3 being around people <3 laura secord pistachio chocolates <3 pistachios <3 etsy <3 travel <3 planning <3 bbm (i might be a little addicted) <3 snowflake pancake breakfasts with mom <3 the color of the world when there's new white snow on the ground <3 sunsets <3 when friends are happy <3 sisters getting engaged! <3 waking up early on christmas morning <3 when you know you've given a perfect present <3 homemade candycane steamers <3 a new year just around the corner <3

see you all in 2011!

so much love <3

christmas love

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

home for christmas
i can't ask for anything more

i hope your holiday's are wonderful, and for those of you who celebrate i hope you have an amazing christmas.

love, love, love

holiday baking + answers

Friday, December 10, 2010

hi my lovely little reindeer!
so cheesy, i know ;)
well it has definitely been too long since i last blogged. oops! 

not too much has happened since i wrote about halifax - except i went home for a week and it was so so amazing. 
i baked, and cleaned, and ate homecooked meals, and saw a santa parade (i didn't take my camera though, which is a shame because it was a really nice parade!).

i cut out my gingerbread houses and glued them together, but i'm saving them to decorate for when my brother is home. our gingerbread houses usually end up looking kind of crazy, but i looove them.

i made some big decisions that i'll probably share after christmas. they are good decisions though, and i'm a lot happier because of them.

i almost forgot about the questions you asked me! 
here we go:

emma asked: who's your ultimate style icon?
to be honest, this is kind of a tough question for me! i admire a lot of styles. i do love rachel bilson's style though, as well as vanessa hudgens. i like casual styles, not too much fuss, but still cute and put together!

sarah asked what's your favorite snack?
this is a hard one too. i'm totttttally a snacky person. i love cookies, pretty much any kind. i love ice cream in the summer. i love dark chocolate, especially mint. i love peanut butter + nutella wraps too. fruit is always a yummy snack, especially bananas and pineapple. i could go on and on haha :)

answer my dream asked 1. who do you look up to/who inspires you?
2. what's the best book you've ever read?
3. what are your favourite things to do on a lazy day? (apart from the obvious of being lazy)
1. i look up to people who do what they love passionately. people who are honest, and strong, and know who they are and the type of person they want to be. i strive to be that person some day. 
2. the best book ever? my go-to answer for this seems to always be extremely loud and incredibly close by jonathon safran foer, because i find something new every time i read that and as cheesy as it sounds it really moves me. but of course i'm going to have to mention harry potter as well, i grew up with that series as i know so many others did, and i really can't not mention those either.
3. on lazy days i love reading blogs, watching tv/movies, journaling, napping, creating things and baking!

rebecca asked if you could visit anywhere in the world for a week to explore and discover the culture, where would you go?
there are so, so many places i want to go in the world. i have not done nearly as much traveling as i would like, and i'm hoping my twenties will allow me to do much more. i think i would have to say greece, though. i am fascinated by greek history and mythology, and would love to have the chance to experience it firsthand and see the sights i've read about in books and learned about in school.

that was a lot of typing!
if you have more questions, feel free to ask whenever and i'll make another little post like this sometime again! i love answering questions.

i'm off to go to a wine and cheese/ugly christmas sweater party now! i don't like wine, but i'm very excited.
hope you're all well and that the season is inspiring you and warming your hearts <3 

love, love