summer skin

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

hello lovelies!
i finally have a minute to catch my breath and tell you about my summer months. i had such an amazing, amazing summer. filled with days at the beach, with friends, dates with my boyfriend, early morning flowers, suntanning, swimming, mini roadtrips, reading in the hot hot sun, an amazing job, dinner theatres.. you name it, i did it!

i'll start with a day early in july. i went to a town a little bit away from my home for a music festival, and ended up having one of my best days the whole summer. we ended up spending the day going to beaches and exploring an old mill, to a magical restaurant and a new friends house for a treat.
whimsicals is the name of the restaurant we ate at. it was so so charming. i had a lovely garden salad and sat in a booth looking over the ocean, next to a huge window that had the glass taken out so we could feel the saltwater breeze as we ate.

there was a little shop in the restaurant, which had trinkets and charms in every single nook and cranny. it was beautiful. fairy lights on a tree, dainty dishes, beautiful mirrors, handmade necklaces and bracelets and earrings, sweets.. it was a magical little shop.

i worked at a dinner theatre during the summer, which was the perfect job. working with the same people - plus two new ones - two summers in a row is an amazing experience. we were so so close and spent almost all our time together both in and out of work. we did three seperate theatres, a 1950's murder mystery, a newfoundland love story and a sketch show! they were each different and equally as loved by the audiences. we did over 20 shows the entire summer, most to full audiences!

my brother came home for a few nights after his trip to europe, and we went and spent a night in english harbour, in a summer home of a family friend. we went whale and dolphin watching, saw puffins, and traveled to many many tiny towns in rural newfoundland. in just one morning we were in eleven different towns! the scenery is absolutely beautiful..

not to mention the house we stayed in! it was hundreds of years old, filled with a mix of old and new things. each room in the upstairs had different wallpaper, old beds and books and mirrors. i absolutely love it there. i could spend all my time exploring it's corners and closets, seeing what treasures i could find.

i also was busy journalling and painting and cd-mixing this summer. i made three mix cd's for my boyfriend, began to collage again and did up a package (that was very very late!) for my penpal. i also woke up one morning to a beautiful beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to my door with a message that said "just wanted to say good morning, i love you". so so sweet! and it had my favorite flowers - orchids and lilys - amongst other beautiful, colorful flowers.

now summer is coming to a close. my friends have started to leave to go back to uni one by one. i am the last to go, staying a week later then everyone else. i will miss them and this summer so much. but it was a perfect summer. i hope yours was just as amazing and sun-filled as mine.

take care, beautiful.
love love

ps. i updated my other blog - a princess list - with what i've completed so far in my 101 things in 1001 days if you want to take a look! i haven't blogged there in forever but i went through everything today and checked what i had and hadn't done so far. i feel surprisingly accomplished with the progress i've made!

i do, i do

Friday, August 21, 2009

i never wanted to get married until i saw these stunning photos.
the photographor's site, is full of other beautiful, beautiful photos.
take a look, they are truely gorgeous.

(found via a cup of jo)

lovely france, summer sorry

Monday, August 10, 2009

i apologise for being gone, summer swept me away and kept me on its warm warm breeze.
i will post my own photos when it passes.
i love you all dearly, please please stay!

(all photos from noa's livejournal)