apologies in the summer sun

Monday, May 25, 2009

i am so so so so sorry!
i have not updated in so so long, and i still cannot update a proper post right this minute.
i'm loving being on summer break, i have a french visitor and we're going on adventures through the woods and eating tutti fruitti ice cream.
i have not commented in forever and i am so sorry, but once june comes i hope to be able to catch up as best i can!

i was given this award from another rather lovely thing and peace & posies. thank you so much!! i was all smiles seeing that you think my blog is lovely.
i apologise again, you are supposed to pass this on to 15 new blogs you have discovered but since i have been enjoying the sunshine and outdoors i haven't been on computer at all so haven't even read any blogs in ages!
i will try to award it once i get back on track.

i hope that you are all so so well. i promise to try to catch up as soon as i can! i really really will.
stay beautiful
love, love.