Tea & Cake London: Drink Shop & Do

Thursday, January 30, 2014

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Tuesday afternoon I went to the Tate Britain (another post on that another time), and afterwards decided to visit another shop from Tea & Cake London. I think so far this one was my absolute favorite.

Located just around the corner from King's Cross is Drink Shop & Do, a cool eclectic place that opens for breakfast and stays open for parties at night (see that giant disco ball up there? yeah.).

I was smitten right away - when you walk in there's a little shop in the front selling cute wooden postcards and handmade jewelry (which I unfortunately never got a photo of), and a little desk with candies in jars lined up on the wall behind it. Up a few stairs brings you into the eating area of DS&D - quite a big space with mismatched hairs, tables and decorations that were right up my alley.

The tables were all different patterns, there was a deer head on the wall, artwork everywhere and behind the counter was an impressive supply of liquor and teas. Dozens of teacups and teapots were crammed into the shelves giving off a sort off cool-grandma's-kitchen-y vibe (does that make any sense at all? probably not..). I sat at a little table and checked out the menu, kind of wishing I'd gotten there before noon for breakfast (crumpets and jam, anyone?) but ended up being more than happy with my meze selection of beetroot dip, olivers and capers, hummus, breads and dipping oils. Yup. That happened. I also had an orange tea which I put too much sugar in but was still delicious, in a little Nestle teapot that had nothing whatsoever to do with the pretty floral teacup it showed up with. I love that.

Drink Shop & Do also do an afternoon tea which, while it sounded delightful, seemed mildly ridiculous for a girl dining by herself. Another time? Absolutely. I'll just have to round up some friends first. Any takers?

In addition to being adorable and cool all at once, Drink Shop & Do sold me on their list of Do's - ranging from tea towel screen printing to a vintage hair and makeup night. Not to mention the Lionel Rich Tea cookie decorating competition and the weekend discos. I've got a few events penned in my planner already.

Drink Shop & Do
9 Caledonian Road
King's Cross
N1 9DX
0207 278 4335

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Last Week in Instax

Monday, January 27, 2014

 photo 68C6E6CD-B5B4-4CA3-BF3F-F0B2D4607690_zpsly7jrazi.jpg

1. Graffiti near Brick Lane
2. My flatmate Tom and I
3. Nelson's Column
4. Canada Gate in Hyde Park
5. New Cross roomies
6. Wellington Arch
7. Where I spent most of my Sunday
8. Tower Bridge (London is unreal)

Not featured: 28 other photos taken Saturday night when we got a bit silly here. And now I'm out of film, oops.

Tea & Cake London: Fleet River Bakery

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

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Last week, before I had any data on my phone (I feel this is relevant to let you know) I was wandering around London waiting to hear from a few different people and I figured, why not check out another shop from Tea & Cake London?

I'd like to say I whipped out my pretty little book, but in reality I had to steal wifi from a Starbucks (story of my life) and look up the book online to a few sample pages in it. Fleet River Bakery was the one that caught my eye, and it was only about a twenty minute walk from me so off I went!
The main part of the shop was tiny, and when I got there it was just myself and one other person. I didn't realize there was also downstairs seating, which made sense afterwards because the place quickly became incredibly busy as soon as noon hit.
The book says Fleet River offers a variety of treats but during the lunch hour those are replaced by salads, quiches and sandwiches on display. Everything there looked delicious, and I chose the soup of the day (as per usual, soup is the best lunch), which was curried parsnip. When asked if I wanted bread and butter with it I was surprised to get two huge pieces of homemade bread sitting on top of my bowl, obviously freshly baked. The soup was delicious. I sat in a window seat as the place filled up with a line out the door and down the street.
The inside of Fleet River was lovely; it had a cool, relaxed vibe and I fell a little in love with the sheep on top of the drinks cooler.
I'd like to go back here for lunch and a possibly a treat next time (definitely a treat, who are we kidding?), as I never really got a good look at the sweets but there were cakes and breads that did look delicious on their pastel cake stands.

Fleet River Bakery
71 Lincoln's Inn Fields
Tel 07966 267401

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Brockley Market

Saturday, January 18, 2014

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This afternoon, after a bit of late morning tea and breakfast, my flatmates (feels so British to say that and not roommates but when in England..) and I decided to head to Brockley Market, which is just up the road from us. I guess no one had been yet, and it seemed like a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon. 
I didn't take many pictures, and I only had my phone, but the market was really nice! There were loads of stands in the tiny square; different meat stands, jams, fish, fishdogs (!), coffees, fruit, veg, sweets. When the boys wandered over to the Kooky Bakes stand I followed in suit and somehow the last blueberry cheesecake cupcake was being bought and bagged.
After the market we walked down to Grenwich. It was such a nice day, sort of overcast and sunny. The London Rain held off the entire afternoon. We went through this tunnel under the Thames and sat in a park on the other side for a bit, everyone talking and me eating my cupcake. 
I felt very London today. Can't say it's something I mind :)

Tea & Cake London: Peggy Porschen Cakes

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

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It's time to start a new little series on this blog!
As a going away present, my friends Ashley and Tichina gave me the cutest book called Tea & Cake London. It's a lovely little book, small enough to fit in my purse, and filled with the loveliest tea and cake shops London has on show. I can't think of a more perfect book for my move to London! 
So, I've decided to make it my mission to visit each of these shops during my time here. Ambitious, considering there are over seventy shops featured! But, I figure it's a great way to get out of the humdrum of popping into Starbucks for a chai latte every day. Each shop will come with an adventure, some tea and obviously something to eat (preferably cake).
My second day here I really had nothing to do but explore, and my sweet tooth basically lead the way. I wandered onto the tube and ended up on Ebury Street in Belgravia, where Peggy Porschen Cakes happens to be. The shop is on a quiet corner (at least, it was quiet when I arrived and left), and it's pastel pink exterior was a welcoming sight. 

Once inside out of the drizzle, I said hello to the girl at the counter and checked out the inside of the shop. Wasn't it just the cutest? Pastels everywhere, pink and white and green. The little white tables had clear plastic chairs by them, and there was only room for ten to sit. The white shelves were lined with cook books, cake decorating supplies, champagne bottles and teapots. The drink menu above the door was short, featuring teas such floral rose, summer berry and gingerbread. Along with coffees, cappuccinos and even sparkling pink lemonade, which I ended up ordering.
Onto the best part: the sweets. Cupcakes, cakes and macaroons filled the display. Chocolate heaven, red velvet, vanilla chiffon.. they were all tempting. But, since the sign outside advertised the salted caramel I went with that and it was sweeter than sweet so naturally I was in my glee. 
I sat inside for about an hour, people came in and out ordering to go cakes and people sat inside with their friends and children drinking cappuccinos and munching macaroons.
All in all it was the cutest little shop, sugary sweet and pastel perfection. 

116 Ebury Street 
Tel 020 7730 1316