Tea & Cake London: Fleet River Bakery

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

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Last week, before I had any data on my phone (I feel this is relevant to let you know) I was wandering around London waiting to hear from a few different people and I figured, why not check out another shop from Tea & Cake London?

I'd like to say I whipped out my pretty little book, but in reality I had to steal wifi from a Starbucks (story of my life) and look up the book online to a few sample pages in it. Fleet River Bakery was the one that caught my eye, and it was only about a twenty minute walk from me so off I went!
The main part of the shop was tiny, and when I got there it was just myself and one other person. I didn't realize there was also downstairs seating, which made sense afterwards because the place quickly became incredibly busy as soon as noon hit.
The book says Fleet River offers a variety of treats but during the lunch hour those are replaced by salads, quiches and sandwiches on display. Everything there looked delicious, and I chose the soup of the day (as per usual, soup is the best lunch), which was curried parsnip. When asked if I wanted bread and butter with it I was surprised to get two huge pieces of homemade bread sitting on top of my bowl, obviously freshly baked. The soup was delicious. I sat in a window seat as the place filled up with a line out the door and down the street.
The inside of Fleet River was lovely; it had a cool, relaxed vibe and I fell a little in love with the sheep on top of the drinks cooler.
I'd like to go back here for lunch and a possibly a treat next time (definitely a treat, who are we kidding?), as I never really got a good look at the sweets but there were cakes and breads that did look delicious on their pastel cake stands.

Fleet River Bakery
71 Lincoln's Inn Fields
Tel 07966 267401

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Valerie said...

This looks great! There are so many places I still need explore in London. It's like they keep popping up every month all over town. It's hard to follow up!