no dawn, no day, i'm always in this twilight

Monday, January 17, 2011

my tiny chalkboard couldn't contain my thoughts and the words i wanted to remember

so i exploded them onto my walls.

i want to sleep by beautiful words every night

and have them turn my dreams into sweet stories so i wake smiling.

i made envelopes for secret letters

and i walked in the snow with the sun beating down on my face


1. listen to this song

2. listen to it again

3. repeat steps 1&2 while dancing in your room with a smile on your face


infinite love 

a thousand wishes

Friday, January 14, 2011

i spent my week folding paper cranes and watching breakfast at tiffany's. 

i wish for a secret admirer on valentine's day. maybe if i fold a thousand cranes by then it will happen. flowers and chocolates and feather dreamcatchers at my door the week leading up to february 14th. a girl can dream, right?

did you notice i have a new blog layout? i spend hours one night this week redesigning and trying to figure out what i wanted it to look like here and voila! this is what happened.

today i got a card in the mail from my mom, she send me old pictures of me and my friend and cut out penguins and birds and glued them on the inside. i love it, it made me happy to get something in my mailbox, other than bills.

i have rehearsal all weekend long! lots of singing and dancing. i'm watching a movie tonight and going to a show tomorrow night. the snow won't stop me!

have a good weekend dolls!
love, love


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

i can't stop watching this gorgeous movie. sophia coppola is a genius. 
somewhere needs to be in my life very soon.

i've been eating frozen grapes like they're going out of style. this guy was a monster!

followed by a lil baby grape. 

this video is beautiful. kids are so free, i love it. i want that infinite abyss of imagination and possibilities back.

i told you i had some exciting news - over christmas i got cast in two plays! i auditioned in november and had given up on getting a callback, let alone a part, let alone two parts - and then within the span of four days i got offered two roles!
one is a minor role as a burlesque dancer (ooh!) in an 1870's piece called the fights. the other is major role as a girl named erin in an oedipus/antigone type spinoff called ismene!

i can't even tell you how excited i am for both. i've already had three rehearsals for the fights, and everyone is so amazing and i'm so ridiculously happy to be acting again. the play opens in two and a half weeks and runs 6 shows in 5 nights. ahhh i could talk about it all day!

sorry for the somewhat sporadic post, i'm getting a little stir crazy in my apartment. luckily i had a coffee break with my girls from home tonight. i wish i'd taken pictures, the cafe is gorgeous with red walls and a giant gold mirror and it was so nice to be with friends.

i have a few post ideas lined up for january - just a matter of getting them done!
see you soon dolls <3
love, love

fawns and valentines

Friday, January 7, 2011

audrey hepburn had a pet fawn named pippin. 
one more reason why i love her so much.

so, i realize that it's not for another month or so, but would anyone like to exchange valentine's for valentine's day? i love getting mail, and that is right around my birthday too, so i thought maybe we could send valentines to one another!

leave a note if you would like to do this, and leave me your email address and i will email you and we can exchange addresses and send some love in the post! 

i have some very very exciting news to share in my next blog! let's just say 2011 started off very, very good for me.

love love!