summertime living

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

1. ice cream. every day.
2. new instax film
3. barbequed pizzas on the back patio
4. mason jar vases and lupins

this summer it has been hot. and i have been working. a lot. little things like the pictures above make me happy, and the thought of europe in the fall is getting me through long (twelve hour!) work days.
the five week countdown started today, time is flying flying past.
is there anything better than summertime living?
until next time xxxxx

shortbread baking

Monday, July 2, 2012

friday night i decided to bake shortbread (naturally.. this is what everyone does on a friday night, yes?) despite my kitchen being completely under renovations. anyone who knows me would not be surprised. when i want to bake, i want to bake.
so i used the recipe i've been using since i was four. yes, my mom let me bake shortbread when i was four years old. flour on the ceiling was not an uncommon occurance in my house. i used some tiny cookie cutters i bought recently, and i loooove them! look how cute that little bunny is.
so now i have one million teeny animals.
anyone want to come over for milk and cookies?