cherry-chip and thursday shoes

Thursday, January 29, 2009

hello gorgeous!

well, i can't believe it. another week has gone past!! where does the time go? i have no idea. in just two months and a few weeks i will be home again for four lovely months. i'm looking forward to that so so much! it has been snowy each day here, and i am ready for summer now.

this week was the battle of issos and mythical knots. it was writing a paper on a lovely poem. it was reading of italy and germany and letters between men. then it was script reading and play-flirting with a boy. we were so so so silly rehearsing!! laughing between every line we read! it's a good thing we are supposed to be new loves in the scene, because we sure were acting like it! it was little notes in the mail from home. gummy candy.

today is buying treats for valentines day! it will be decorating with hearts and sparkles everywhere, and pink and red and ribbon. pink heart cupcakes, with cherry-chip inside. i can't wait for valentine's day. then, tonight, i will be glow-bowling! i'm excited, it's been so long. i'll make sure to wear white so i glow like a starry starry night!

i'm going to do something i have not done before. here are some pictures of what i was wearing this week! it was surprisingly fun to just take pictures of what i was wearing. ps apologies for the messy room!

my weekend past was spent at my nans. she spoiled me so so much with treats. raisin bread and homecooked meals. hot homemade bread from the oven. ice cream. misty mints. my aunt gave me some cookies to take back as well! chocolate oatmeal, yum!

i was tagged by the lovely rosie posie to do the honest tag. thank you, doll! so here are ten little (random!) honest things about me:

1. - i thought when i was eleven that my letter would come from hogwarts. i was disappointed when it didn't, but i got harry potter stationary and a green pen and wrote my own! i also wanted to audition for the movie as hermione, because i always thought the description of her was just like me! i practiced my british accent for months alone in my room. now, i look at emma watson as a style icon and could not imagine anyone else as hermione!

2. - this one is hard for me, because i only just started to admit it to myself, even: i am not entirely happy with my major. i love theatre and acting, but the classes for acting i am taking at school are my least favorite classes here. i don't want to tell my parents because i know how bummed they will be that i am unhappy. i just want to act and not be swayed by techniques and forms and strict rules.. i want to be free to play a character as i interpret them.

3. - that being said, i realized recently that what i want to be doing is traveling. i want to see the world and meet people of differnet cultures and take pictures of everything and write down EVERYTHING i see and learn and hear. i want to experience so much that i am missing by living in the province i grew up in.

4. - i love journaling! so much. i could spend all day writing in my journal and drawing and doodling and crafting.

5. - i love taking walks alone, with my music. i could walk for hours and hours just listening and seeing and taking in everything around me.

6. - i want to have long long hair in the summer and wear pretty dresses with ballet flats while getting strawberry ice cream with sprinkles on top.

7. - my birthday is one of my favorite days of the year. i love being the birthday princess and wearing a tiara and blowing out candles on my cake! it makes me so happy to hear birthday wishes from friends i don't talk to often. i also love that my birthday is so close to valentines day, because everything is pink and red and pretty and girly

8. - i love reading prose and poetry. some things people write are so, so beautiful. someday i hope to write something that other people think is lovely.

9. - i wish my eyes were green!

10. - i love love love learning about the ancient greeks. their gods, goddesses, rituals, conquests, religion.. everything about them is so interesting and beautiful to learn about. they were so complex and determined! i feel like the amount of bravery and risk back then was immeasurable. their lives, their clothes, the food they ate, the sacrifices they made, the wars they fought - everything was done so grandly and proudly. i hope someday (soon, i wish!) to go the greece and see the places heracles and achilles and alexander walked and lived.

(i realized that a lot of these truths start with i love! i sure do love a lot of things hehe)

none of those pictures are mine, in the truth tag, by the way! i just found them all over the spiderweb. i tag whoever hasn't done it and would like to!

i'm up early this morning. i had a good night in my dreamworld of grassy fields and blue skies and cotton candy clouds and baby deer. laying in the warmth of dreamsummer with lilys in my hair and stars in my eyes. pink cheeks and small smiles.
i hope you dreamt lovely things

a package for sophie (don't read if it's you!)

Monday, January 19, 2009

new pen pals, new maybe-friends.
homemade watercolor stationary, polaroids, valentine pins, tissue snowflakes, stickers, e.e. cummings poems, envelopes with locks and secret keys..
so so nice to make up a package for someone.
to tell a new friend about myself felt strange but good.
have a look before it heads across an ocean:

small words, small stories

Thursday, January 15, 2009

bowls of cereal with vanilla and crystal almonds and raspberries. mugs of milk. the snow is coming down but the sun is peeking through the white blur. dreamt of tiny ballet slippers and a big field of daisies. polaroids taken out windows in summers past. missing my dearest friend and picnics in fields with lilac breezes and cakes on pink napkins.

small mice have been turning up, with pink pink paws and skinny tails. scuttering through the cupboards, looking for a cracker crumb or a bit of peanut butter. listening to their tiny feet pitter-patter across the linoleum.

soft music in the background as i read of goddesses and their golden hair and beauty. wishing to dance in the clouds and watch beautiful lives unfold before my eyes. to sleep in a sky castle with sparrows and fireflies and the stars as my nightlight.

tea in chipped cups by the pretend fire as the sky darkens and a snow mist rolls in. the snow mist is really a queen and i am the princess laying in the cold with nothing but ballet slippers and a white dress.

a whisper of a kiss.