bumble-bee busy

Thursday, February 26, 2009

hello loves! i've been gone for so long it feels.

my last two weeks have been full. stress. excitement. tears. smiles. and laughter. i had so many things due for school i felt constantly stressed and worried. i still am, to be honest. i have so many things due and wait until you hear my weekend plans! you'll understand why i'm so worried.

but i'll start with last week: i got to go home!! for five days. it was wonderful. old friends, friends i haven't seen in eight months! reunions. parties. giggles. desserts. we visited my old high school and saw our old teachers. i watched a rehearsal for the musical the school is doing. high school musical! call me silly but those movies make me smile. especially the third.

desserts, oh the desserts! so many. coconut balls, peanut butter mice, oatmeal raisin cookies, cupcakes with sprinkles and pink frosting, strawberry trifle, pistachio layer. and cheesecake! but i only had a teeny of each. i went to a dessert party and had a pina colada, it was so yummy. i laid in my warm bed cuddled under my duvet with my puppy. i wore new slippers that my aunt knit for me.

my mom also took me shopping!! it was such a treat, she was so happy to buy me things. i got a new purple cardi, a lovely brown ruffly flowered shirt, two plain white tanks, jeans, a plain white t and new gym pants! and also a yoga mat and weights.

i was so sad to leave. i won't see my friend for another five months. there were many tears when we said goodbye to each other. leaving is always so sad. and i didn't want to return to uni.. knowing i had so many books to read and papers to write. i cried and cried.
but i didn't have time to be sad once i got back i was so busy! classes and papers due. rehearsals. props. blocking. the gym. pilates. and finally: a concert!

i went to see a concert at the ski resort last night. the novaks, matt mays and el torpedo and hey rosetta! hey rosetta were wonderful. the lead is a cutie! i was at the very front. we almost froze our little toes off waiting to get it but it was worth it. but oh, how tired i was once i got back to my room, and so late. my poor poor legs. i got a nice seafom tshirt though, and two pins!

it's a bit wrinky here, but i took this right as it came out of my purse so that's why! and the cardi my mom bought me.

when i checked my postbox when i got back, i had two envelopes for me! one from felicia and one from sophie!

felicia's was a silly birthday card and sophie's was the first letter i've gotten from her since we became pen pals! i was so excited and her package was so sweet. a letter on fairy garden paper, two lovely velvet bookmarks, a teeny fortune and the cutest cupcake stickers ever seen! oh i love mail so so much.

this weekend i am volunteering for the east coast music awards, which are here this year. i'm called a talent wrangler, which is a silly little name that makes me think of horses, but i get to work with the bands making sure they go onstage and to makeup and to rehearsal on time! i'm very excited. and i will be working the actual award show too, and then going to the after party. i feel like i am very important!

i have so so much work due. i know it's a bore to hear me blather on and on about what i have due but it is a huge part of my life right now. i have fourteen things due this month. fourteen! and that is on top of preparing and performing a scene for acting class. i'm very stressed. i'm actually looking forward to april, when my finals are, because they don't stress me as much as papers and midterms and such. oh my. uni is not all that fun, sometimes.

i can't leave without showing you these beautiful photos endofmarch posted on her livejournal. aren't the colors beautiful? they're so soft and pastel-y yet bright.
well, that's all! i should go do some more work.. i have to volunteer again at eleven tomorrow morning. oh my, i don't have time for anything these days!

stay sweet, take care

mix of sparkles and sweets

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

oh my! i have been so so incredibly busy lately, and it just won't seem to stop! my schoolwork is piling higher and higher no matter how much i try to get finished. uni certainly is a lot of work! i have greek and theatre history midterms, history papers, english papers, debate analysis, scenework.. oh and everything is to be handed in all the same time! it hurts my poor head whenever i think of it.

i am going home this saturday!! for five lovely wonderful days. i will see friends, some who i haven't seen for eight months!! oh, my heart is full thinking about it. i will be smiling and smiling all while i am home.

last night myself and my glitterfriend made pancakes for supper. pancakes! oh my, the mess we made in the kitchen. neither of us were very good at flipping. there were so many giggles and fun. we laughed and laughed. they turned out very funny looking, but with lots of butter and maple syrup and sprinkles they were tasty! yum!! i didn't get any pictures but they weren't very pretty so no worries. here is what i wish they'd turned out like:


f-letter on flickr has these lovely photos and many other different ones. i love the little messages written on a few, like these!

this lovely loaf of banana bread looks delicious as well


this man's name is dave. he used to come into the coffee shop i worked at every sunday, at one oclock, with a blue knit hat on, and ordered a small colombian coffee in the blue mug. i usually had it ready and poured for him before he got there, so it wasn't too hot. he told me stories about his life. he told me of the time he was working for a man when he was seventeen, and he had finished all his work for the day. so the man told him to read the phone book, to look at the numbers and names. i can't remember why he was told to do this. but he did it. he laughed when he told me this, as if something really funny happened when he was looking at the names and he'd just remembered it .i miss dave most about working at the coffee shop.


look, here, at these stunning, gorgeous dresses. are they not the quietest beauties you've ever seen? oh how i wish i could afford such beautiful pieces. to wear in fields in the summer with my hair braided through with flowers. i found them through this blog. the designer is elizabeth dye (who also has an etsy here), and gosh does she have talent. these dresses are the prettiest i have seen in a while.

and also! through oh joy! i have just discovered this beauitful collection, oh my. the colors and small details are amazing. the pink is my favorite. and the golden sandals. oh my i could never pick!


oh! i would like to mention that the words in my last post are not my own - i only wish i could write so beautifully!
they are from the song neopolitan dreams, by lisa mitchell. she has a near perfect voice i believe. her songs are so whimsical and quiet and stunning.
the video to go with neopolitan dreams is a perfect perfect accompaniment to the song, really it is!
you can watch it here:
she really is lovely.


i was given this lovely lovely award from sara at one long road! thank you, thank you sweet! i am delighted.

i will pass it to the gorgeous lily-sage, the charming gracey darling and the sweet rosie posie!
you all have beautiful, fabulous blogs!

also, i was given this sparkly starry beautiful award by the sweetest ever rosie posie! gosh, thank you thank you! i am overwhelmed. it's so pretty!

i would like to give this award to daydream lily, sparkle and katie!

i was also tagged by rosie posie to do the four tag! thanks lovely!

A: Four places that I go to over and over: the fine arts building, the gym, the library, my backyard (when i am home!)

B: Four people who email me regularly: felicia, facebook (of course! heh), my mom, jackie

C: Four favourite smells: gingerbread, cabbage patch dolls, vanilla, new book pages

D: Four places I would rather be right now: at home with my puppy, in new york city living the night life, on a hot hot beach laying in the sun, in los angeles auditioning for a show

E: Four people I tag: gosh i'm not sure, if you haven't yet done this i tag you!

F: Four TV shows I watch: supernatural, house, gossip girl, jon & kate + 8


a thousand glittering pearls.

she keeps small notes from days gone by pinned to her walls. she colors roses and lilies and leaves them on benches and in trees. she finds feathers and put them in her hair. she lights up the world with the sparkles in her eyes. her name is moon. she was born on a tuesday, to a mother with a ring on her pinkie and an old rocking chair in the corner. her eyes are greener than the greenest pastures and her hair is longer than the longest tail. her smile is like a thousand glittering pearls hidden behind a pink secret. she likes to dance in the willows with stars on her fingers and singing melodies perfectly in tune with the wind. she conducts music with her thoughts. her toenails are painted pink and her cheeks rosy to match. she wears dresses every day. she leaves her shoes in her closet with her mice-friends. she eats only berries and leaves. her wrists are tiny and her hipbones stand out. she wears a key around her neck for her heart and her lock. moon tries and tries. she wants to see if perfection is real.

the fox and the bird.

one day, a girl awoke to a bird outside her window, reading her keats and whitman. he was blue. she listened to him, wearing a white gown with long blond hair down her back. her smile made the bird chirp louder, lovely poetry floating across on the breeze. without a care in the world she wandered through the window, into the garden. she picked strawberries, and raspberries, and rhubarb. she found a small blue bowl of cream under a tree, near a fox. she sat with the fox and the bird and dipped the berries in the cream. she shared as the bird sang on.


i hope you are all very well! i want to say thank you so so so much for all the beautiful comments you have all left me. every single one makes me smile, especially now while i am buried so so deep underneath all this schoolwork. you brighten my day!
take care, stay sweet.

neopolitan dreams

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

you go and i'll be okay

i can dream the rest away

it's just a little touch of fate, it'll be okay

it sure takes its precious time

but it's got rights and so have i.

i turn my head up to the sky

i focus one thought at a time

i do not let the little thieves under my tightly buttoned sleeves

you couldn't be alone, the time i feel like i am walking blind

i have nowhere, i'll have time

there are no legible signs.

i like the way that you talk

i like the way that you walk

it's hard to recreate such an individual game

you wait your turn in the queue

you say your sorry's and thank-you's

i don't think you're ever one hundred percent in the room

you're not in the room.

deepest of the dark nights

here lie the highest of highs

neopolitan dreams, stretching out to the seas.