A Thursday Afternoon

Sunday, July 20, 2014

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How to have a lovely Thursday Afternoon:

1. Wear shorts because it is hot hot hot out (yay, Summer!)
2. Head to Brick Lane after work
3. Meet up with the sweetest girls (CharlotteMelodie and Abigail) at the coolest cafe (Kahaila!)
4. Order a cake and an iced coffee for your dinner because you are a responsible adult
5. Have long chats about weddings, Disney movies, cheese, baking and moving to other countries
6. Wander through the streets of London
7. Attempt selfies on windy bridges with the sun in your eyes
8. Finally get a (pretty) decent one
9. Laugh until your face hurts because all the non-decent ones are ridiculously bad
10. Go home with a happy heart


Sweden: Stockholm

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

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I somehow forgot to post about Stockholm?!

Here we go:

We had a fun final night in Sweden, staying at Johan's sisters apartment, hanging out and meeting a bunch of his friends, drinking wine on a dock watching (and being terrified of) swans and their babies swimming by us.
Went for beers, watched football in a pub and wandered around the city. Johan showed us some spots with beautiful views and took us though all the areas of the city.

Flew back to London over a beautiful sunset with a hangover and a happy heart.

Until next time, Sweden!

From My Phone (2)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

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1. Pretty dresses in Sweden
2. Cloudy Saturday
3. A record I seriously regret not buying
 4. Canada Day Cake
5. Reunited with old friends
6. Treats at work
7. Nice things at Greenwich Market
8. Missing family and our cabin

The Last Day

Thursday, July 10, 2014

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We started out Moira & Dan's last day in London at Chinwag, a tiny little cafe near me in New Cross. The door looks like a British phonebooth and the menus are all in little old books, so I was obviously in my element.

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Dan got a lamb burger that was literally the size of his face. Like, actually. His whole face. They do have that written on their chalkboard menu, but I mean.. his face.

 photo F37034A1-46E6-4323-8BFB-8CC01CB51907.jpg

Moira and I stuck with the full English, swapping hashbrowns and sausages and giving Dan a few beans to go with his burger.

 photo B5BA0D3E-3FF5-445D-97EF-5CB1DC2FD9E6.jpg

Afterwards we hit up the Natural History Museum for a look at the mammals and dinos.

 photo 92B3F951-E87E-4C69-812B-BE030CF0C803.jpg

 photo 6EF900EF-153F-4AE0-A302-49A3441C9C81.jpg

Then, since it was right outside, we bought tickets and headed into the Sensational Butterflies exhibit.

 photo 4EE49752-21B8-4FF6-9AFA-23C16FDEFCBD.jpg

So many pretty butterflies everywhere!

 photo 081B6FC4-1533-4F25-8432-D0893ABF72D8.jpg

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It was really really hot and humid in there so we didn't stay long..

 photo 490D0C19-00AE-4BF6-B1D0-86B2CFDF3A44.jpg

But not before one decided to perch on Dan for a few minutes! Moira and I were slightly jealous. Although I think maaaybe I might have panicked a little had one landed on me.

 photo 350A5479-10CE-4663-BDDC-7A509D7E9CAF.jpg

What would a day be without a cupcake? Pistachio. obviously.

 photo 94E7F223-73F5-4BB7-BA8E-0490FD584614.jpg

 photo 7417751B-887F-4B65-9321-1F5AABB47A4B.jpg

Sat outside a park (since we weren't allowed to drink IN the park) sipping ciders and playing Celebrity Lookalike.

 photo 120FD4E0-70FB-4C84-AA43-0B521A6F834C.jpg

And then, to end the trip off, The Lion King! Which, if you haven't seen yet, (you probably have), GOOOO see it. So amazing. We were almost crying when it started. We may have talked about this for months and months in advance. Just a little Disney obsessed, and it was well worth the wait!

So, Moira and Dan, come back now please?

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium

Sunday, July 6, 2014

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I hope you like cats. Because this post is full of them.

 photo 01538581eb596a938ea1837ad9e0293947de0573c0.jpg

We walked into the cat cafe (emporium, if you will), a little unsure what to expect. And a little unsure where the cats were. Hiding?

 photo 01ee0eccb35ce2bbc6201d8a1b25ae339818513271.jpg

We'd donned our matching cat rings for the occasion, as you do.

 photo 014ee7f2587b203f124f3a340d4c2e00d7bcf921cf.jpg

And ordered Guinness chocolate cakes and lemon tea (me and Dan) and a hot chocolate and carrot muffin (Moira).

 photo 0198b37e545cc87f2cd144f67898c97a16e65f3ab0.jpg


 photo 019cd3aea73f410abbe94a669dec5777cb5ffc1935.jpg

But where are the cats, you ask?

 photo 010469c0087b1e0b9c33bccbf40d6f5b9f2839d173.jpg

There they are!

 photo 01290ddce9b984d4182bc4b8e3fae2164f2cb39464.jpg

Just kidding, here's a real one. Lounging the giant Cat Emporium Wheel. What a life.

 photo 012c4a8b979bf1c7076abe95822ee98617438241f6.jpg

This little guy wasted no time hopping up to meet me.

 photo 016f9ba9089f478e3fb0606ee70f40b29794ee5592.jpg

I'm not sure how well you can read the paper this guy is sitting on, but it says "So, who's bright idea was this?". I'd like to know that too. and I'd like to personally thank them. Cats! Cake! All in one place!

 photo 0127a9a62f0f5e9fe1f24f8c5a0ac686b0936e9d28.jpg

 photo 013d504a2d973c4849fa923794c5933442cc6b349b.jpg

Sipping my tea. Uninteresting, I'm sorry. Back to the cats.

 photo 01fb6e906dc922743b814f48375897f8ec6b0f6903.jpg

JUST LOOK AT THESE GUYS. This is a little hammock over the stairs that they have a rest in. Dan called them ying and yang at one point because they were so intertwined. Let's all say it together: aaaaaaaaawwwww.

 photo 01af17196e27e79cfc8d57281e9651b3f354eed481.jpg

Cats. Everywhere.

 photo 01ad1655be3e2fa22a592bfd94a7099c99a9817292.jpg

Even in the drinks!

 photo 01020c8ce516bf65a5ae2a624306f484d800eb84c6.jpg

 photo 01cf3c408d5a53ecc051149cdde70ef73437f1785b.jpg

We headed downstairs after our tea, and spotted a few more cuties hanging out.

 photo 016405c487b6c7ecec5c55a6b8bc602cb85061471e.jpg

 photo 015e87df19ea19f6fcce1b2e223b2a0c8aed827d02.jpg

Luring them to me with treats!

 photo 01fc0bbc8745455e88a20203915790ef88112d64b9.jpg

 photo 010021df9fc3ce28ec1c429957ce034506d9728148.jpg

We really bonded.

 photo 010b7ed645c77ae287720a8047091f671741fb631d.jpg

 photo 01fbfb5e935dfaa5d5425bc6efcacd8045c3e763b3.jpg

Moira sat down to an important meeting.

 photo 01d3c6f8b363eeeca274a1be817ac1ee6a59a8c095.jpg

 photo 018eaf69c57f469ee8558c4c6e601e10766f32f575.jpg

 photo 01c8d7e3099e158c386b47f1a4fa68c788a53522f5.jpg

And right when we were about to leave I couldn't resist going to play with this guy in the window for a bit. He's just too cuuuute!

 photo 01827f3386456adbe7cd7745368dbf18f183af14ba.jpg

Saying goodbye to my new friend.

Okay, so I'm sure you can tell that this is the ultimate place for cat lovers. There are eleven cats just hanging around, playing with the toys that are everywhere (there's a laser beam shaped like a fish!) and just generally stealing your heart. They also have cute names, like Loki and Biscuit. Ughhhh! Irresistible. Go! Soon! (They're booked until October so perhaps make a reservation first).