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Saturday, July 12, 2014

 photo 4A611613-CE95-41D0-87B6-C3F66421A096.jpg

 photo 2D3CDD9F-FBC5-4E14-8D57-3ED5A38CB3D4.jpg

 photo 44BC1C20-9290-4A6D-9E09-C312C815CE59.jpg

 photo B7EAA192-C7BA-4189-9750-5B300C07FD3C.jpg

 photo ED425B34-D6FC-4EB6-84F7-B68121FA03D7.jpg

 photo 372CF016-8F60-4278-B185-91D0F7A79036.jpg

 photo B0B230EE-DF75-4947-9C6F-55CFE00A4173.jpg

 photo FCC9B349-6206-4CE1-BE2A-A982E366C25A.jpg

1. Pretty dresses in Sweden
2. Cloudy Saturday
3. A record I seriously regret not buying
 4. Canada Day Cake
5. Reunited with old friends
6. Treats at work
7. Nice things at Greenwich Market
8. Missing family and our cabin

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~K said...

Those compacts looks awesome!!

Rachael said...

Man it would have been hard to stop me buying all those compacts to add to my collection.

Katie Albury said...

Love these pics, you've captured some great moments! Love the doughnut! ;)
Katie x

Becca Allen said...

I wish I could take as beautiful photos of you - that doughnut looks bloody amazing x

Charlotte Rigby said...

those dress fabrics are gorgeous!

Ashley said...

there is a band called pepsi and shirlie?! you should have bought that for sure haha. such a nice family picture!!