Fourth Pond

Saturday, October 25, 2014

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So I've been home for a few weeks now. I start work at a little cafe in town tomorrow, so on Thursday I figured I'd take a trip down to my cabin before I got back into living by someone else's schedule.

A few nights of reading, throwing wood on the fire, making s'mores and doing nothing in general (with wine) is basically how I spend every trip to the cabin. There were critters everywhere: bluebirds and squirrels and grey jays and chickadees. The sunsets were lovely and drinking hot chocolate in the mornings while the fog settled and then lifted over the pond was a nice change from my usual laptop-breakfast combination.

Today I drove up in miserable, rainy weather and spent the remainder of my Saturday re-reading Harry Potter starting with the Philosopher's Stone.

Hope your weeknds are going well! xx

Homeward bound (and brownies)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

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Sort of disappeared there for a little bit, didn't I?

So, I've got a tiny bit of news: I'm moving back home. I know! It's been almost a year over here in England, an incredible year at that, but I've been thinking long and hard (hence the lack of updates), and have decided to head home for a bit.

I'm looking forward to quiet familiarity again, but I'm also slightly terrified that I'll get home and miss this place with my whole heart like last year.


Right now I'm missing home with my whole heart, and so that's where I'm going.

(Also, this morning I made brownies. At least when my brain and heart are all mixed up about where they want to be I know that eggs and flour and chocolate will come together to be something good, so there's a little comfort in that.)

I'm not sure when I'll post again, whether it will be from this continent or another, but I'm sure I'll be back soon.