Friday, August 1, 2014

A Little Video

Here's a little video thing I did of my trip to Croatia and Bosnia!

I didn't really know what I was doing, but I wanted to put something up until I figure out how I'm going to share all of my pictures!

It was the most amazing trip. And therefore I have TONS of pictures and I want to share them all! One big post? A bunch of little posts?

Anyways, here is this until I decide what to do! (Click the little HD button thingy, it makes it look better.)

I hope you like it :)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Thursday Afternoon

 photo 8D0DE9DD-AC03-4D9E-A543-E387F8FE5007.jpg

 photo 20FC26EF-71EA-400B-A399-6FE96F37061E.jpg

 photo 5A6B9F77-7E3F-405C-A59F-80E14501FBBA.jpg

 photo 8CD16D4D-D479-41ED-BBFA-9A071ED8377F.jpg

 photo D0E543D7-13A9-4AAC-9AE3-AB8AEBEB2AE6.jpg

How to have a lovely Thursday Afternoon:

1. Wear shorts because it is hot hot hot out (yay, Summer!)
2. Head to Brick Lane after work
3. Meet up with the sweetest girls (CharlotteMelodie and Abigail) at the coolest cafe (Kahaila!)
4. Order a cake and an iced coffee for your dinner because you are a responsible adult
5. Have long chats about weddings, Disney movies, cheese, baking and moving to other countries
6. Wander through the streets of London
7. Attempt selfies on windy bridges with the sun in your eyes
8. Finally get a (pretty) decent one
9. Laugh until your face hurts because all the non-decent ones are ridiculously bad
10. Go home with a happy heart


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sweden: Stockholm

 photo F2E53BB6-62D5-4E71-836A-26C142FD67F4.jpg

 photo E871E194-6656-4C46-895F-5CDC44673AB2.jpg

 photo C8460189-B416-4272-B1F6-5F097CE881FB.jpg

 photo 92E41DD0-B8CA-4C50-97DA-A62095A3A7EE.jpg

 photo DB25CAEC-3E60-476C-97C0-A27435F4F415.jpg

 photo 665BFF53-7ABA-489C-8EE2-3726818B4D65.jpg

 photo 869B8501-0F0F-4705-832B-F65BE10AD549.jpg

 photo 5CF0AEC6-C5C8-4DB8-A075-8BA9062BE606.jpg

 photo FB98E552-5CB4-4330-8C41-787ECEA47B7E.jpg

 photo 3CD18125-1EAB-4716-BE1E-FFE2A7E6A428.jpg

 photo 560CEA27-65B5-4D2A-9BBC-BC2BC8BB2AC9.jpg

 photo 2F9BFB83-5B71-439B-B735-D10EC662ECE1.jpg

 photo 78FA18C4-53AF-4CB6-863E-DCF5280812DB.jpg

I somehow forgot to post about Stockholm?!

Here we go:

We had a fun final night in Sweden, staying at Johan's sisters apartment, hanging out and meeting a bunch of his friends, drinking wine on a dock watching (and being terrified of) swans and their babies swimming by us.
Went for beers, watched football in a pub and wandered around the city. Johan showed us some spots with beautiful views and took us though all the areas of the city.

Flew back to London over a beautiful sunset with a hangover and a happy heart.

Until next time, Sweden!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

From My Phone (2)

 photo 4A611613-CE95-41D0-87B6-C3F66421A096.jpg

 photo 2D3CDD9F-FBC5-4E14-8D57-3ED5A38CB3D4.jpg

 photo 44BC1C20-9290-4A6D-9E09-C312C815CE59.jpg

 photo B7EAA192-C7BA-4189-9750-5B300C07FD3C.jpg

 photo ED425B34-D6FC-4EB6-84F7-B68121FA03D7.jpg

 photo 372CF016-8F60-4278-B185-91D0F7A79036.jpg

 photo B0B230EE-DF75-4947-9C6F-55CFE00A4173.jpg

 photo FCC9B349-6206-4CE1-BE2A-A982E366C25A.jpg

1. Pretty dresses in Sweden
2. Cloudy Saturday
3. A record I seriously regret not buying
 4. Canada Day Cake
5. Reunited with old friends
6. Treats at work
7. Nice things at Greenwich Market
8. Missing family and our cabin