Friday, February 12, 2016


Trying to take photos in Newfoundland - in February - in the snowy woods - isn't exactly a piece of cake. I probably got about 4 decent photos out of ...ninety-eight. Here are some of the more foolish ones my mom snapped.

 photo image_3.jpeg

 photo image_2.jpeg

 photo image_1.jpeg

 photo image.jpeg

 photo image_4.jpeg

 photo image_5.jpeg

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Twenty-Six (Also, Hi!)

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It's 2016! I live in Canada again! And I'm now 26! A lot of things!

Celebrated my birthday on Friday night with a pizza and prosecco (so much prosecco) party with all my pals. Cake, balloons, donuts, pizza and friends. Dream.

Monday my mom and I trudged into the woods to take those balloon pictures. It may look easy-peasy and like we got some great snaps but let me tell you, there are about 5 good ones out of 100. Not kidding. I'll probably share some outtakes later. Balloons are difficult when it's windy and it is hard to tell what way a 2 should be when its four feet high floating above your head.

And yesterday, on my actual birthday, it was a disgusting blizzard out so I hibernated most of the day. It was also coincidentally pancake day, so we whipped up some bacon pancakes for breakfast and ate cupcakes for lunch, as you do on your birthday. I also opened dozens of cards from friends and family and pretty packages that arrived perfectly on time in the post, despite the raging storm. Then pizza for supper.

26 is going to be a great year, I can already tell by the food I've been eating.

Thank you so much to everyone who wished me happy birthday, whether it was on various social medias, by text or in person. I felt the love people, I really did.

Until next time! xxxx

Friday, November 27, 2015

Breakfast at Bill's

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 photo 4EB7CBC5-AF7D-4DE1-9D05-1CF1105F8A0B.jpg

 photo 424AEFB7-6328-49AA-A684-2F922262CE6D.jpg

On Sunday, Gina and I went on a little pre-work breakfast date to Bill's.

We were the first customers there (literally.. I tried to go in at half eight.. they open at nine. oops!), and had a lovely funny waiter. Gina got a tea, I ordered a latte, and we both went for the blueberry buttermilk pancakes with bacon and fresh fruit.

Can't think of a better way to start a Sunday morning than with delicious food and the best of friends.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Afternoon Walk in Stanmer Park

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 photo EF8BD6E6-2210-4114-84FF-E19D8E340BA6.jpg

 photo 8A1CACF6-E57E-4BAD-9577-2D4889F96966.jpg

 photo 1A6686DD-36CF-42AD-B517-425D74188995.jpg

 photo A27B80CA-0074-487E-9F88-C9B04A7A6E4D.jpg

 photo 6E8D043C-C9FC-4938-BC55-4ACFE8AF5D80.jpg

 photo 9FC32EAC-F866-4C51-9ADB-2A5838A3C9F7.jpg

 photo F8EDBCA0-D1FF-4C5E-8D05-B5F3C901E6BA.jpg

Yesterday afternoon my boss, Trevor, and I went for a walk at Stanmer Park with his dog, Seb. I hadn't been since living in Brighton, which is a shocker as it's literally just up the road from me!

It was a bit of a grey day but not too cold and surprisingly not raining, so it actually ended up being a really nice walk! Seb spent the entire time running ahead of us as Trev and I navigated our way through the muddy path. It reminded me of being a kid and heading to my cabin in my rain boots (wellies!), intentionally getting them stuck in mud puddles and having to be carried out.
We saw cows and horses and sheep and lots of other dogs along the path including a very cute Whippet which I'm now wanting to own.

We did a full loop around the park and walked through Stanmer, a cute little street with tiny stone houses all in rows. It was so very English, and made me realize how little time I have left to see things like that.

We made our way into Stanmer House, which is massive and beautiful. Several roaring fires were keeping the high-ceilinged rooms toasty warm, and we sat on plush couches in front of one of them to have a bit of lunch. Seb lay at our feet, and I'm sure all three of us could have gone for quite the nap had we not, you know, been in a public place having lunch. Although I'm sure Seb could have gotten away with it, but he was too busy hoping for a bit of bacon from Trev's sandwich.

When we got back to the car we realized we'd been walking for hours, and mud-covered Seb immediately lay down in the back seat which I'm sure will be a treat to clean.

If you live in Brighton (or are visiting for a few days!) I definitely suggest going to Stanmer Park. I wish I'd gone more while here, but I'm happy I got to go at least once and with good company as well.