pretty lights on the tree, i'm watchin em shine

Sunday, December 13, 2009

the snow's comin down

i'm watchin it fall

watchin the people around

baby please come home

i can't wait to be finished my finals to go home for christmas. i was home last week, baking ginberbread and shortbread and peanut honey bees and peanut butter balls and caramel truffles and gingerstar kisses. i finish school and go home wednesday for 3 weeks and it couldn't come sooner.
saturday i'm going to a concert, monday i see all my friends, tuesday i go to an awards ceremony, wednesday i have a six-month anniversary homemmade dinner date, thursday is christmas eve which brings a very special gift exchange and stocking hanging, and then it is christmas day and i will give presents and open presents and it will be magical.
happen, now, please!

love, love

all photos from anna inghardt

sparkly sugar cookies and candy cane milk

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

it snowed on the first of december! so beautiful, everything is white and soft now. there are still dogberries on the trees. the red looks lovely covered in white.
i am going home on friday for a week before exams. to cuddle and watch christmas movies and decorate trees and bake gingerbread and walk in the snow and have snowflake eyelashes and snowstorm kisses.
sorry that picture is so terrible, i didn't have my camera when i went for coffee and had to use my blackberry. i had a delicious sugar cookie covered in pink sparkles and a hot candy cane milk. it was delicious, but i ate too much cookie and drank too much milk and hurt my little tummy. how does santa do it?