i like it in the city when two worlds collide

Saturday, November 20, 2010

i'm back with the rest of my pictures from halifax!

we took a walk down by the waterfront. it was so so so cold but beautiful there.

kept an eye open for sailors of course ;)

the next day was a lot warmer, we walked into the city and went to a park which was so beautiful, the fall colors were gorgeous! and look at that bridge and little house, it's like something from the movie a fairy tale. do you remember that? i used to own it, but i'm not sure if i have a copy anywhere anymore. it was such a lovely movie!

had to keep the trees from falling down!

we stopped into second cup and sat in the window seats. the seats were eye level with the street, so we could people watch and sit in the warm sun! 

mint chocolate chiller. delicious.

we may or may not have made another trip to susie's.. and i may or may not have gotten three shortbread cookies. macadamia, coconut and original frosted. they were delish!

after, since it was so nice out, we walked up to the halifax citadel. it was so beautiful and warm, and you can look out over the city and the harbour.

samantha and me <3

..i also may or may not have bought four cupcakes to take home. but they weren't all for me! i got jason a peanut butter cupcake and a susie's original, we split a gingerbread one and, well, i did eat a whole coconut one myself. what can i say, i love coconut. and cupcakes. obviously.

on my last night there, samantha and i made paper chains and snowflakes to decorate her apartment for christmas, and we baked shortbread cookies! 

i want to go back. 

i'm making a lot of big decisions right now, and i want to go home. it's tough trying to stick out this semester. i've been talking to my sister a lot, which helps. 

tonight i am sitting at home with some hot chocolate. i made a little owl picture and watched 500 days of summer. 

hope you're having a lovely weekend, dolls
love love

cupcakes and city walks

Thursday, November 18, 2010

i'm back! 
my trip to halifax was amazing. i got to spend four days with two of my close friends and get out of this city for a little while.
i took loads of pictures, so i'm going to save some for another post!

we did loads when i was there, including visiting this little cupcake shop called susie's shortbread. it is so pink and cute in there, and the cupcakes are delicious! the one pictured is a susie's original, and i liked it so much i got another one to take home with me (but more on that with my next post)

we walked around the city a lot, my friends samantha and ashley (and their roommate, kayla) live right on the waterfront and so everything was within walking distance which was so good! 
we went to this cute little store called love, me. it sold homemade crafts from local artists.

isn't this key wall amazing? i have some old keys but they are all on a ring, i would love to have a bunch all on the wall seperately like this!

downtown was starting to get all decorated for christmas. i am so excited for december to come and more specifically for this semester to be over and to go home, finally.

this is the girl's cat, chloe. she was very snuggly and also very fat haha

finally, more cupcakes! we baked these my second night there (as if we already hadn't had enough sugar). we dyed the batter so it was rainbow inside!

i am going to see harry potter and the deathly hallows at the midnight showing tonight and i could not be more excited!! me and jason are going with our friend kris and his roommates. i've been waiting for this forever it feels like! 

i'll post more pictures from my trip soon
hope you're all doing well cupcakes! 
love, love

ps. don't forget you can ask me questions here, or just ask them in this post if you want. i'm looking forward to answering them all once i get a few more!

decisions & questions

Monday, November 8, 2010

i haven't done a whole lot lately that would warrant a lovely blog post
i'm trying to decide a lot of big things right now, and i'm a little frustrated and stressed and a little lonely on top of it all.

i want you to ask me questions!
as many as you would like, about whatever you would like.
and then i'll take the time and answer them all, and do them up in a little blog post sometime down the road.
how does that sound?

ask away!

i'm going on a trip on wednesday, which i am very very excited about. when i come back, i will hopefully have lots and lots to blog about.