Saturday, February 21, 2015

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I turned 25 this month!

And like all mature 25 year olds, I sent out invitations to my birthday party.

Which was an afternoon tea.

Last year (if you recall) was my very first afternoon tea ever with my new (and now best) London pals, and even though I'm back in Canada I couldn't resist having another here.

Now, my dining room is no Bea's of Bloomsbury, but I have to admit I think I did a pretty decent job whipping up some treats and sandwiches for me and my friends. I say whipping up as if it took minutes when really it took perhaps a week and couldn't have been done without my sous-chef, AKA my mom. Thanks mom!

So everyone came over and we ate all the treats (tea sandwiches and macarons and fawn shortbreads and eclairs and scones and cake, of course) and drank all the teas. And all the prosecco, if I'm being perfectly honest. What's a birthday without a little bubbly?

The cake I baked was from this lovely book that I got for Christmas and it was deeeeelicious. Seriously delicious. My mom and I made the homemade jam and paired with the sponge layers and the cream in the center.. cake heaven.

So that was my birthday! And now I'm 25.

A few side notes:

1) Let's pretend the 12 Days of Baking Mega Fail at Christmas never happened, okay?
2) I should probably have some wise list of things I've learned in my quarter-century on earth but I don't and I'm sure if I did someone else has probably already also learned them and blogged them in a much more eloquent post than I could possibly ever write.
3) I move back to England in two months!
4) I have given up social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for Lent. I don't usually give anything up but one of my friends was doing it and social media has kind of taken over my life so, if you're wondering why I haven't tweeted about my breakfast or instagrammed a sunset in a while, that's why.
5) I wish I had that cake again right now