marshmallow dreams

Sunday, December 28, 2008

merry christmas dolls! here is the post i promised you. i have been so busy lately except a good busy, a relaxed busy. sitting down with the family. eating lots of goodies. visiting family and friends. drawing snowflakes and swirls on christmas cards. looking at lights with my brother and sister.

all of my girl-friends from highschool came over and we had a late night brunch that my mom cooked for us, and exchanged gifts with each other. my mom made such delicious food - waffles and whipped cream, yogurt and berries, bacon, french toast sprinkled with icing sugar, toutons, ham, scrambled eggs. it was spectacular! my secret santa gave me chocolates and prince caspian (!) i watched it with my brother, and it is so so good. if you have not yet seen it, do! i wish to be summoned to a magical land where i was once a princess and help to save it in gorgeous dresses and silver-leaf crowns.

christmas morning was so so perfect. my sister woke me at a quarter to six, and we went upstairs where my dad already had christmas music playing and the tree lights on. my nana stayed with us this christmas, which was really nice. we opened our stockings first, mine was filled with such lovely treats! candies and bath soaps and socks, chocolates and chopsticks and a cute pair of earrings. then we began openeing gifts, but first i had a little toast and butter because my tummy was rumbling!

i recieved i think must be the most perfect gifts ever. i got a canon rebel xs, which is the most perfect camera. i was so so excited, it was a complete surprise! it takes the most beautiful pictures. but i'm still learning how to use it properly! my mom also got one, she cried when she opened it and said "me too?" all of my gifts were surprises, and they were so so nice. i got those two sweet jackets above from my nana, mary-kate and ashley olsens influence from santa, a turquoise scarf from my sister, inkdeath and brisingr from santa, a card crafting book from my aunt along with some hand-stitched pillow cases (so beautiful!)

i also got lots of chocolates and candies and misty mints, my favorite! i also got two seasons of television shows, supernatural (which, i don't think i've ever mentioned, is my absolute favorite show ever!) and gossip girl. what a magical christmas it was! i feel a bit spoilt for getting so many things, but my family is so so generous i can only be thankful for them.

christmas day in the afternoon we had turkey dinner which was delicious. my mom makes the best turkeys, i think. i was stuffed to the brim! my other nan and pop came down for dinner and we showed them our gifts. then i watched mamma mia with my brother. i never loved abba music so much!

the weather here has been so so cold, almost bitter. it's like old man winter is biting at my cheeks and nose every time i run outside, no matter how bundled i am from his nipping frost! but luckily i can stay curled up in my living room with the tree lights on and a big mug of whipped white hot chocolate with teeny baby marshmallows to warm me up.

we've had so many visitors over this season. parents friends, brothers friends, sisters friends, my friends - everyone has been here. it's so nice having a house full of smiling, laughing, happy people in a holiday mood. it's so comforting knowing that there are people you love who love to spend time with you. my baby cousin robyn, who is five, spent a lot of time with us this christmas too. she is so so cute and pretty, isn't she? i adore her, and everytime i come home to see her she speaks more and laughs more and is so so much cuter than the last time, which i never believe is possible but am always proved wrong!

i watched a bunch of old christmas movies, and some new ones too. i love the old miracle on 34th street. it's so magical. love actually, the santa clause, home alone, teddy bears christmas, muppet family christmas, the polar express. i hope that someday someone like me is typing on their blog about watching a christmas movie they love, and that i am in that movie. i want to be someone people love to watch create a character's flaws and beauties. oh, how i dream of that!

well, goodnight everyone. i hope you are still enjoying your holidays and are happy and healthy and with those you love.
stay magical

ps! the lovely caitlin tagged me, i will post my answers in my next entry

holiday magic

Friday, December 26, 2008

merry christmas and happy holidays everyone! i hope you are having a magical time.
i will post a real post in a day or two.
love, love

christmas spirit *

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

i haven't been here in forever! i have a lot of catchup to do. where to start..

first, the lovely magical sparkle gave an award! what a great surprise. thank you thank you so much darling
i would like to give this award back to sparkle, and also to the tea drinking english rose, mila, rosie posie, daydream lily, ashley, katie, and voila megan. you all have such lovely lovely blogs.

i'm sure that most of these bloggers have already gotten this award but they inspire me so much i just have to award it to them <3>

i went to my friends last night and we played a pool and sang and caught up with one another. i hadn't seen some since august! that is a lot of catching up to do and it was so nice to see them all. more friends tonight. i cannot get enough. tomorrow i get to go to my old highschool for an awards ceremony and get dressed up and recieve my diploma! i'm wearing a comfy grey sweater and gorgeous purple shoes with some new dark jeans. and a key, of course. maybe there will be pictures! i get to see everyone i graduated with, which will be nice.

i want to thank everyone for your lovely, charming comments on my entries, you are all dolls! i don't know how to tell you how much i love and appreciate every comment i get, i get so excited every time i read a new one. they make me so happy.

christmas is so soon!! i've been baking cookies nonstop. gingerbread, shortbread, nanaimo squares, chocolate shorbread, sugar cookies, peanut butter bees, white fudge, milk chocolate fudge, mint fudge, dark fudge, cranberry almond biscotti, snowballs, cheesecake bites.. oh my! most of it is for gifts and visitors of course. we put them all in the fridge outside so no sneaky fingers take them! my dad loves sweets, he likes to sneak some every now and then.

my brother is coming home on the 21st, and my nan is spending christmas with us this year too! she is coming tomorrow. the more family the better <3>

five days

Saturday, December 6, 2008

i'm very excited that i get to go home so soon, but i'm very nerous about my exams. i only have two, but one is going to be veryy tough i'm thinking. i also have a big final essay to write, and my greek civ prof gave me a second chance to fix up an essay i did not-so-great on. i was so so thankful she is letting me do that! it was her idea and everything!

my camera is out of battery and i left my charger home last time, so i'm just going to post some lovely things i've been looking at lately! love <3

how to make little tea light shelves! these are adorable. i would love to have them in my room for some night lights.

this site cracks me up. some of the look alikes are so funny! especially the dog that looks like an ewok, heh.

i've never actually smelled these soaps, but if they smell as pretty as their packaging then they must be super yummy!

i really want an advice poster! or two! can't ever have enough advice, especially when it's written on such cool posters.

venice flooded, which apparently isn't a big deal to the people who live there, but wow. imagine having to go through all that to get to work? or to the shops? i don't think i'd like it enough to live there, but it's be a very cool place to visit.

i found this post on apartment therapy about 5 ways to enhance your closet. i wish my closet looked as neat as those do!

donut muffins? yes please!

december 1st

Monday, December 1, 2008

it's late late but i wanted to make a post just to say happy december! i am so excited for this month.

december means:
finishing my first semester university, eating a yummy chocolate from my advent calendar (today's was a train!), going home in ten days, seeing all my friends and family and puppy, spending time with no homework to do, learning to drive (finally!), decorating my house with christmas sparkle, making a gingerbread house with my brother and snow!

i hope your start of december was wonderful, everyone.
love love love

envelopes and dreams

Saturday, November 29, 2008

tell me, what did you dream last night?

this post is sort of going to be a little of this and a little of that. i'm going to post some links i have been looking at recently! some of them may have been found on your blogs, some are sites my friends have told me about, and some are sites i've just stumbled upon while clicking around on the big spiderweb!

this tiny pony is adorable. i wish to have it for baby roxenna. she is so so darling! like a toy.

i've been doodling all week long, not getting any studying for finals done. i'll draw myself onstage as an actress and wish to skip all the uni part in between!

i want to be the girl in this photo, fearless and seeing new york from a brand new perspective. i want to go back to new york so, so bad.

for christmas it would be so lovely to give (or get!) this beautiful real leaf necklace. in addition to being stunning, a tree is planted for each necklace bought! can you even get a better piece of jewelry?

i don't know about you all, but i've been stressing a lot lately over final assignments and final exams coming up. has a cute little de-stress booklet for you to print off! it's a bit like keri smith's work - which is by far a compliment! my printer is sadly out of ink (from all the papers i have been printing off!!) but i will definitely be printing this adorable book off when i get the chance.

oneword. i do this all the time. it's actually calming and refreshing. try it, really.

kindnotes is a lovely little shop with tiny envelopes and ribbons and jars for creating a lovely gift to give. it's such a sweet gift idea! i may do it for a secret santa with one of my friends this year, it's so thoughtful and heartfelt.

i hope those give you lots to do this end of november weekend! can you believe on monday it will be december? i am so excited for snow and family and christmas!

i've been writing in my journal and painting paper with watercolor paints in pastel colors. i've been eating cheerios for breakfast because i am out of bread for toast. i've been counting down the days until i go home. i've been watching the sky.

have a beautiful day, lovelies.

comforts of home

Monday, November 24, 2008

the beautiful tea drinking english rose wrote earlier about home comforts, and i told her i'd make a post about it to help her out! as i went through my day i was thinking of things that make me feel comforted when i am away from home, and i realized there are several!

first of all, books. i could curl up with a book anywhere and be lost in the story, but even stronger than the story is the feelings and secrets of my own within the pages. i remember the first time i read the book, the last time i read the book, my feelings when reading the book - so much is lingering in the pages from the last time it was opened!

i dont have many books here with me at uni, but each time i go home i exchange them so that i've got some new story-friends on my shelves here at my away-from home.
there are two books which hold a lot of memory in them that stand out in my mind. the first is inkheart by cornelia funke. it's a lovely lovely story of a girl who loves books, and her father loves books, and the two of them are able to read stories alive! isn't that fantastic? i read that book for the first time in my grade seven year, underneath a christmas quilt in my basement. i remember the couch i was on was pushed foreward a lot because my dad had all his records stored behind them as our living room got redecorated. my mom was out of town, and my sister was out. i was tired and a bit cranky at the time, fussing over school, but as soon as i started reading the book i calmed down and felt better. see how much memory is in a book?

the other book that holds a lot of memory for me is a little princess. oh how i love that book! partly because i share the same name as the beautiful sara, and of course partly because of the heartwarming story within. i remember my dad reading me that story before i went to sleep, safe and warm in my big big bed as i tried not to fall asleep in the middle of darling saras adventures.
whenever i feel lonely here at uni, all i need to do is open the cover of a book and i'm able to feel like it won't be so long before i'm in my cozy home again.

another home comfort of mine are my bunny, floppy, and my blankie. they are tied together! i have had blankie since before i was born, and floppy since i was four years old. they have been all over the world with me, new york, quebec, florida, and of course are here at uni with me. i told them everything when i was little so they know all of my secrets from my whole life. blankie is a bit shredded and torn and in pieces.. but that just shows how much love i've given him over the many many years. also, blankie comforts me because many of my friends from childhood and even who i am friends with now have small pieces of blankie tied onto their stuffed toys. so they have a piece of me wherever they are now, which is also comforting.

this is quite a long post i'm coming to realize! i like talking about things that remind me of home though, so its okay.

next, pictures and my journals remind me of home. i have three journals here at uni with me, one from 2004-2006, my current one which i started right after the 2006 one ended, and a journal which all my friends wrote in before we went our seperate ways from home. of course a journal is a comfort! it has pictures and drawings and secrets hidden away inside from my adventures at home and away from home. some sad, some angry, some surprising, some happy - all of the entries comfort me when i feel sad about being so far from home.

well its very very late right now and i need to dream and dream about greek goddesses and olive branches so that i am ready for another day!
sweet dreams, dolls, and may home never be far from your heart <3