Tuesday, July 21, 2015

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Pink lips & flamingo nails

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Iced lattes & raspberry muffins

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Vintage dreams & taking forbidden photos

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Mirror selfies & accidental bitch face

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Dreaming of buying & having common sense

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Brick lanes & graffiti love

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Mint green & door goals

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Fruit salad outfit & unnecessary purchases

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Brighton bandstand & blue skies

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Mint chocolate chip & beach goers in the background

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Happy smiles & not realizing I had chocolate on my face until I got home (cool Sara)

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Rhubarb & custard favorite beach hut

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Happy to be in the sun & in Brighton

Charlotte & Sebastian's Wedding

Monday, July 13, 2015

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I'm honestly not even sure where to begin about what a gorgeous, magical day Charlotte & Sebastian's wedding was. I took so many photos it was hard not to share them all here, but I think the ones I've chosen are a pretty accurate representation of the day.

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Blue skies, a light breeze, a loveworthy soundtrack. Charlotte's bridesmaids in flower crowns scattering petals followed by the beautiful bride herself, arm in arm with her proud papa. A charming ceremony, sealed with I Do's and kisses and applause for the newlyweds.

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Following that: photos in the fields by the giant crooked tree with the old swing hanging beneath. Ice creams under the leaves (mint chocolate chip and lavender for me!), popcorn and pimm's. Laughs and new friends and then being ushered toward the barn, past the horses and the pup standing guard.

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Inside: teacups and bunting, lightbulbs strung from the rooftop and flower jars in the windows. A photobooth for silly picture taking. A suitcase full of wishes for the happy couple. Gift bags stuffed with homemade jams, macarons, the soundtrack of the day.

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Tables stocked with picnic snacks for all with mismatched plates and paper straws. Prosecco for toasting and napkins for dabbing teary eyes (Both Charlotte's father's speech and Sebastian's had all the guests reaching for theirs). Meeting new friends at the table (hi, Chris!) and chatting with older ones.

 photo z21.jpg

 photo z20.jpg

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After dinner: the couple's first dance (I've Got the World on a String, classic), cake cutting (and eating!) plus garden games. Losing at giant jenga, getting our hoops blown in the wind during ring toss. A cheeky gin and tonic followed by fish and chips from the truck that turned up, taking silly photos in the photobooth and pasting them into the guestbook, and roasting posh marshmallows in the gorgeous firepit.

 photo z27.jpg

 photo z28.jpg

All in all it was a beautiful day.

Charlotte and Sebastian: I've said it a thousand times already I'm sure, but I couldn't be happier to have been included in your special day. Blog friendships used to be a strange thing but I can't imagine not having met you because of this wonderful space online. Wishing you both a lifetime of laughter and happiness, and above all else, all of the love. xxxx

(If you want to see lots more pictures, everyone has been using #TTDERwedding and #TurtonWallWedding on instagram and twitter)