Tuesday, July 21, 2015

 photo 010093a915564a474fb35e025ad23a7a6569096132.jpg

Pink lips & flamingo nails

 photo 01407228ff9b016d285a16346533ecfab6766edd57.jpg

Iced lattes & raspberry muffins

 photo 017b36d695f34734a237e1bbf4e7bc2fb8e394dd02.jpg

Vintage dreams & taking forbidden photos

 photo 0145cd0f74b1a4f0ae56fc6592af539bd7cbcc9c0e.jpg

 photo 01681ea53005e8e7576c711e03eeaf568a21c95407.jpg

 photo 01269bc1a39370b7eb39e947a12955c16f5f1ebcd1.jpg

Mirror selfies & accidental bitch face

 photo 01e43dfcc66217cb1973cd918d24d0424caff9c0b3.jpg

Dreaming of buying & having common sense

 photo 01f359a1cc324f3c3cb1c64bac3b001501557af60a.jpg

Brick lanes & graffiti love

 photo 017574574bd9c78b0cd6b80811a01d7eb6d26e1f75.jpg

Mint green & door goals

 photo 017b33bc8050591c2b766c01597051f917d7386c5d.jpg

Fruit salad outfit & unnecessary purchases

 photo 01ea410c7d21388f1e795a18640cb44df8c7db83fa.jpg

Brighton bandstand & blue skies

 photo 012ded68c69c4a0a16a2e0363fa7b0064fb91414dc.jpg

Mint chocolate chip & beach goers in the background

 photo 01bf2d6f80f425823c6bf0c12ce7f6003c26c5d4da.jpg

Happy smiles & not realizing I had chocolate on my face until I got home (cool Sara)

 photo 01dc686fb90958be88c06f7600c3403d312dc8bbe3.jpg

 photo 01f18644917cae7a0b888c973b7916f6750856be43.jpg

Rhubarb & custard favorite beach hut

 photo 01c78d459dbdffd3c43151be667119b3a6d4ed614a.jpg

Happy to be in the sun & in Brighton

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Sarah said...

This looks like the most delightful British summer day. :) Love your hair and makeup!

Sarah said...

Lovely photos :)

Carina Maree said...

This is such a lovely post with such cheery photos :)

xx Carina

Bronwyn said...

What a lovely day! You can't beat a day of shopping, ice cream and beach time!

Jenny J said...

I want those lemon shorts!!! Where are they from. Your blog makes me feel all happy and sunny inside :) xx

Silent Joy said...

Such cute photos! You seem to be having great fun in beautiful Brighton! xx

Megan Hayes said...

went to Brighton for the first time only a few days ago and it was amazing! love your photos so much :) x