Satuday Catch-up

Saturday, August 8, 2015

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Well HI there!
How are you?

I just had the nicest solo Saturday, so I thought I'd post some snaps and have a little chat.

Starting with a few non-Saturday pictures: yesterday, my housemate and I biked* to the beach to meet our friend Kiri for some sun and swim and wine. I participated only in the sun and wine. I dipped my toes but my excuse for not getting in the sea was having no towel with me. How convenient that I had forgotten it at home. :)

*A little bike sidenote: I bought my bike over a month ago and am still slightly mildly terrified to ride it into town. So I've only done it like.. three times. It's just the buses, people. WHAT IF THEY HIT ME? WHICH SIDE DO I BIKE ON WHEN THEY'RE PULLING OVER? Ugh.

Also I threw in a random photo from last Sunday when Gareth and I went for a Sunday roast and then met our other housemate, Julia, in the gardens for some Pimm's. Sunny weekends are where it's at.

And now for today: after spending far too long lazing in bed this morning (we will pretend it wasn't almost noon when I opened my curtains..) I threw on some shorts and went into town. Had a cake and iced coffee for breakfast at a cafe, which also happens to be my new place of employment! It's in the Lanes, which is where I wanted to work since moving here, and I start on Wednesday, and I'm very excited.

Post healthy breakfast (...) I wandered to the beach to snap a few instax pictures, which I'm sure I'll share at some point. The beach was PACKED and I had to dodge tourists and seagulls to make my way along.

Spent a bit of time wandering the Lanes, and reading in the Pavilion gardens, soaking up the sun and people watching. Annnnnnd then I came home, ate pizza in the sun by our front garden gate, played with the crazy cat and then watched some Pretty Little Liars, the stupidest and most addictive show ever. I keep promising myself I will quit. And yet here I am in season six, dying to know who A is.

SO now that I've written a million more words than I normally do, I'm going to skype my friend Mike and go to bed. Because that's what crazy wild party kids do on a Saturday night.

Lots of looooovexxx

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Felicia Castonguay said...

I don't understand.. is Brighton just about the cutest place on earth?!