envelopes and dreams

Saturday, November 29, 2008

tell me, what did you dream last night?

this post is sort of going to be a little of this and a little of that. i'm going to post some links i have been looking at recently! some of them may have been found on your blogs, some are sites my friends have told me about, and some are sites i've just stumbled upon while clicking around on the big spiderweb!

this tiny pony is adorable. i wish to have it for baby roxenna. she is so so darling! like a toy.

i've been doodling all week long, not getting any studying for finals done. i'll draw myself onstage as an actress and wish to skip all the uni part in between!

i want to be the girl in this photo, fearless and seeing new york from a brand new perspective. i want to go back to new york so, so bad.

for christmas it would be so lovely to give (or get!) this beautiful real leaf necklace. in addition to being stunning, a tree is planted for each necklace bought! can you even get a better piece of jewelry?

i don't know about you all, but i've been stressing a lot lately over final assignments and final exams coming up. jannypie.com has a cute little de-stress booklet for you to print off! it's a bit like keri smith's work - which is by far a compliment! my printer is sadly out of ink (from all the papers i have been printing off!!) but i will definitely be printing this adorable book off when i get the chance.

oneword. i do this all the time. it's actually calming and refreshing. try it, really.

kindnotes is a lovely little shop with tiny envelopes and ribbons and jars for creating a lovely gift to give. it's such a sweet gift idea! i may do it for a secret santa with one of my friends this year, it's so thoughtful and heartfelt.

i hope those give you lots to do this end of november weekend! can you believe on monday it will be december? i am so excited for snow and family and christmas!

i've been writing in my journal and painting paper with watercolor paints in pastel colors. i've been eating cheerios for breakfast because i am out of bread for toast. i've been counting down the days until i go home. i've been watching the sky.

have a beautiful day, lovelies.

comforts of home

Monday, November 24, 2008

the beautiful tea drinking english rose wrote earlier about home comforts, and i told her i'd make a post about it to help her out! as i went through my day i was thinking of things that make me feel comforted when i am away from home, and i realized there are several!

first of all, books. i could curl up with a book anywhere and be lost in the story, but even stronger than the story is the feelings and secrets of my own within the pages. i remember the first time i read the book, the last time i read the book, my feelings when reading the book - so much is lingering in the pages from the last time it was opened!

i dont have many books here with me at uni, but each time i go home i exchange them so that i've got some new story-friends on my shelves here at my away-from home.
there are two books which hold a lot of memory in them that stand out in my mind. the first is inkheart by cornelia funke. it's a lovely lovely story of a girl who loves books, and her father loves books, and the two of them are able to read stories alive! isn't that fantastic? i read that book for the first time in my grade seven year, underneath a christmas quilt in my basement. i remember the couch i was on was pushed foreward a lot because my dad had all his records stored behind them as our living room got redecorated. my mom was out of town, and my sister was out. i was tired and a bit cranky at the time, fussing over school, but as soon as i started reading the book i calmed down and felt better. see how much memory is in a book?

the other book that holds a lot of memory for me is a little princess. oh how i love that book! partly because i share the same name as the beautiful sara, and of course partly because of the heartwarming story within. i remember my dad reading me that story before i went to sleep, safe and warm in my big big bed as i tried not to fall asleep in the middle of darling saras adventures.
whenever i feel lonely here at uni, all i need to do is open the cover of a book and i'm able to feel like it won't be so long before i'm in my cozy home again.

another home comfort of mine are my bunny, floppy, and my blankie. they are tied together! i have had blankie since before i was born, and floppy since i was four years old. they have been all over the world with me, new york, quebec, florida, and of course are here at uni with me. i told them everything when i was little so they know all of my secrets from my whole life. blankie is a bit shredded and torn and in pieces.. but that just shows how much love i've given him over the many many years. also, blankie comforts me because many of my friends from childhood and even who i am friends with now have small pieces of blankie tied onto their stuffed toys. so they have a piece of me wherever they are now, which is also comforting.

this is quite a long post i'm coming to realize! i like talking about things that remind me of home though, so its okay.

next, pictures and my journals remind me of home. i have three journals here at uni with me, one from 2004-2006, my current one which i started right after the 2006 one ended, and a journal which all my friends wrote in before we went our seperate ways from home. of course a journal is a comfort! it has pictures and drawings and secrets hidden away inside from my adventures at home and away from home. some sad, some angry, some surprising, some happy - all of the entries comfort me when i feel sad about being so far from home.

well its very very late right now and i need to dream and dream about greek goddesses and olive branches so that i am ready for another day!
sweet dreams, dolls, and may home never be far from your heart <3

magic wishes

Sunday, November 23, 2008

surprise parties with frosted fairycakes and flickering candles with candy coated chocolate drops on top.

fudge filled brownies and rainbow napkins to wipe away crumbs from lips and dresses.

magic birthday wishes for the party girl!

i love throwing surprise parties! there is no better gift to give on someones birthday than having everyone who loves them gathered together.

whisper-hidden baking to make a cherry filled cake with whipped cream and chocolate piled high.

seven kisses

Saturday, November 22, 2008

good morning everyone! :) it feels like ages since i've been on here. i've missed it!
first of all, the lovely mila at loveology tagged me! thank you darlin'. so here goes

the rules of the '7 things tag' are:
x - you have to link to the person who tagged you
x - you have to write 7 things about yourself (both weird and normal stuff)
x - you have to tag 7 people and link to them in the end of the post and you have to leave a comment on their blog.

alright, here goes!


i eat peanut butter on whole wheat toast just about every single morning for breakfast. yum!


i danced tap, jazz, and celtic step for nine years. and i miss it so so much here at university.

i have wanted to be an actress since i was a tiny girl. someday i wish to have a star with my very own handprints in hollywood.


when my friend felicia moved away to quebec, we each bought a journal and wrote in it for two weeks, and every two weeks we'd mail the journal we had back and forth to each other. that was five years ago, and the journal that i kept is one of my most favorite books i've ever read.


i wish i could go back to new york city and just be able to walk around the non touristy parts. i loved it when i was there, but we only saw so much, of course, and i hope to go back some day and find all sorts of hidden treasures.


my cousins and i put a message in a bottle when we were ten, and put it in a river across from my nans house. we followed it, running, down the river until we got as far as we could go. i still think about someone finding that bottle and all the adventures it has been on.

i love owl things, but not real owls. they scare me! there were four big big owls at my cabin in the woods one time and they were eerie.

okay! that's all seven. i'm not really sure who to tag because i don't really know who has done this before. so i will just say to anyone: do this if you would like to! and have fun doing it. it's nice to think of seven things about yourself.

i will make a post again hopefully on sunday with some pictures i've been taking and things i've been doing! i'm going to a black and white ball for princesses and princes tonight, in my black and white dress with my crinkly hair. i hope to have a good time!

stay beautiful xx

painted pictures and french books

Saturday, November 15, 2008

i went home last weekend and it was so nice to be back! my mom cooked me lots of homemade meals, i got to see some old friends, i went out to dinner with the people from my summer job, and got to walk my puppy!

we have chimes everywhere in our basement, it's so old and cosy down there i missed it a lot. everything is mismatched and used and reminds me of when i was little.

i saw the play much ado about nothing last night, except it was set 1950's beach! it was very cool, i find shakespeare always takes me a little bit to get into but once i do switch my mind from thinking that the english is wrong the words flow so nicely and prettily, how nice would it be if people spoke as they did in shakespeare's time nowadays?

my mom bakes the best date squares, piled high with crumble - my favorite part!

this is our spice rack in my kitchen. i wish i had one with me at university, it's so cluttered and home-y. although i guess that would make going home not so much of a treat, so nevermind!

my brother was also home for the weekend, and his boyfriend too, so it was so nice to have everyone all together! i hadn't seen him since august so that was so so good. we went for drives and walks and danced like crazy every now and then.

my friend felicia used to read this sign every time she came to my house. it's been up forever! i think it's sweet.
i've got a big essay due in ten days, i'm going to go to the library today to get started on it! i also have a critique due on much ado, but i don't want to start that one until i get my critique on top girls back because i want to know what i can improve on, of course!

there was a used booksale the first week in november, there were so many beautiful books there - and also some funny ones. i bought a french novel, mademoiselle fifi just because it looked so lovely! maybe one day my french will be well enough that i can actually read the book.

some of the books i bought! one is called the beauty of the husband and is written so prettily i couldn't not buy it! especially since it was only about 25 cents!

i bought that lovely regina spektor painting at a fundraiser art and bake sale the fourth year theatre and art students had in my school last week, they get to go to harlow this january! i can't wait until i get to go, finally i'll get out of the country and across the ocean to a whole new place.

i've been braiding my bang all the time lately, it's so pretty and also it keeps my hair off my face while i'm working. braids look so fairytale-like to me.

i hope you all have been having a great week and weekend!
much much love

sweet sweet

Monday, November 10, 2008

oh my gosh i will never get any work done now that i know about this site


they are adorable.

gravity rides everything

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

oh, gotta see, gotta know right now
what's that riding on your everything?

it isn't anything at all.

oh, gotta see, gotta know right now
what's that writing on your shelf?

in the bathrooms and the bad motels
no one really cared for it at all

not the gravity plan

early, early in the morning
it pulls all on down my sore feet

i want to go back to sleep.

in the motions, and the things that you say
it all will fall, fall right into place

as fruit drops, flesh it sags
everything will fall right into place

when we die, some sink and some lay
but at least i don't see you float away

all the spilt milk, sex and weight
everything will fall right into place.

canopy beds and pink frosting

Sunday, November 2, 2008

hello! it's been ages since i last posted but i've been busy busy with school and getting my halloween costume all ready. me and my friends went as superheros, i was the purple one and my powers were invisibility! wouldn't that be great?

i haven't really been taking any pictures of my own lately, so here are some pretty and interesting things that i found and saved from the internet. i don't know where they are from, so if they are yours and you'd like credit don't hesitate to tell me!! i just save and post without keeping addresses.

i love:

<3 french toast with icing sugar

<3 waking up all toasty in my bed under my quilts

<3 learning about ancient greek civilization

<3 grocery shopping and buying lots of yummies, like oat and honey crumble granola and peppers and kiwi and raisins!

<3 snow! we have a bit on the ground now, and that sharp winter smell is in the air. i can't wait to play in it.

<3 getting to see my brother soon! i'm heading home this weekend for five days, and i am so so excited about it.

<3 white grapefruits

<3 pink frosting on cupcakes

<3 meeting new people every day

<3 sticking to a plan
<3 baby animals, oh that deer!

<3 hot chocolate piled high with whipped cream and bits of white chocolate

<3 when it snows and snows and you curl up with friends and watch it come down in fluffy flakes through the window

<3 giving compliments

<3 my middle of the week mini weekend, i don't have any classes on wednesdays so it's a nice break!

i hope your week is filled with things you love and cuddly kittens!