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Saturday, November 22, 2008

good morning everyone! :) it feels like ages since i've been on here. i've missed it!
first of all, the lovely mila at loveology tagged me! thank you darlin'. so here goes

the rules of the '7 things tag' are:
x - you have to link to the person who tagged you
x - you have to write 7 things about yourself (both weird and normal stuff)
x - you have to tag 7 people and link to them in the end of the post and you have to leave a comment on their blog.

alright, here goes!


i eat peanut butter on whole wheat toast just about every single morning for breakfast. yum!


i danced tap, jazz, and celtic step for nine years. and i miss it so so much here at university.

i have wanted to be an actress since i was a tiny girl. someday i wish to have a star with my very own handprints in hollywood.


when my friend felicia moved away to quebec, we each bought a journal and wrote in it for two weeks, and every two weeks we'd mail the journal we had back and forth to each other. that was five years ago, and the journal that i kept is one of my most favorite books i've ever read.


i wish i could go back to new york city and just be able to walk around the non touristy parts. i loved it when i was there, but we only saw so much, of course, and i hope to go back some day and find all sorts of hidden treasures.


my cousins and i put a message in a bottle when we were ten, and put it in a river across from my nans house. we followed it, running, down the river until we got as far as we could go. i still think about someone finding that bottle and all the adventures it has been on.

i love owl things, but not real owls. they scare me! there were four big big owls at my cabin in the woods one time and they were eerie.

okay! that's all seven. i'm not really sure who to tag because i don't really know who has done this before. so i will just say to anyone: do this if you would like to! and have fun doing it. it's nice to think of seven things about yourself.

i will make a post again hopefully on sunday with some pictures i've been taking and things i've been doing! i'm going to a black and white ball for princesses and princes tonight, in my black and white dress with my crinkly hair. i hope to have a good time!

stay beautiful xx

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notebookdoodles said...

the idea of the journal between two friends is so cute! i used to do the same thing back in high school but it was between a couple of friends and we would just pass it along during the day and write in it while we were bored in class =) i still have it up till today and iyeas, it is the best book ever!!


The tea drinking English rose said...

oh what beautiful answers.

i love the journal idea, how adorable!
oh my goodness... is there really a shop called serendipity in new york? i just assumed it was a set from 'serendipity'. oh wow.
such a beautiful film.

i have a friend who is scared of birds but adores bird things, like necklaces and brooches.
silly and cute.

you look lovely. enjoy the ball princess sara

Sara Downton said...

x notebookdoodles - books written by friends about your lives are really the best aren't they?

x the tea drinking english rose - serendipity is indeed real! i passed by it when i was in new york, but did not get to go in. it seems such a sweet place where magic happens. that movie is beautiful!

Sarah said...

Lovely choices and pretty pics :)

Daydream Lily said...

oh I have a journal like this with my best friend...though she keeps hogging it...maybe i should start a second one!!!

i love owls too. the owls on the wall in that pic are so so so cute.

Anonymous said...
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