lovely things

Saturday, October 25, 2008

most of these are a collection of things i've seen on blogs recently, but i love them so i thought i'd share:

one pretty thing is a lovely site with loads of diy and decorating ideas, plus lots more! i love going on and just seeing what new ideas have been posted. this idea for spiderwebs is a great decoration for halloween.

cardmaking by hello lucky! i have never actually seen this book but it looks so adorable. i may ask for it for a christmas present. i would only be so lucky to get it!

this collection of typewriter ribbon tins! isn't it unique? i never ever knew there were so many different types. my favortie is the borough one above. wouldn't it be neat to have all of these on your desk or in your kitchen or on your shelf to keep little treasures in?

have you lost your camera? maybe you'll find it here! this site is so sweet, it posts some photos from found rolls of film or cameras, and helps people recover their pictures! i would hope if i ever lose my camera or film that it will be found on this site.

right now all the leaves on my school are pretty much fallen off, but this polaroid is one i took during my walk last weekend. fall is just so so pretty.

speaking of polaroids, i'm sure you have seen this around but i thought i'd post it because it seems pretty awesome! this site takes your regular photos and shakes em into polaroid pictures. unfortunately the program doesn't work on my computer, but i've heard nothing but good things about it around on the web, so try it out! you'll have your very own online polaroids.

this oui ring from user pickypicky on etsy! it is adorable. there are bunches of other sweet jewelry on there as well.

and finally, feist and the constantines singing island in the stream. so beautiful!

hope your weekend is going well <3

old houses and orange leaves

Sunday, October 19, 2008

woke up this morning to a toasty toasty room because i turned my heat on before i went to sleep! it was so nice to wake up warm and cozy.

it was gorgeous out today, so i decided to take a walk! i didn't really have a destination in mind, but first i wandered down the street to the mall and there was a flea market going on! what a surprise! so i walked around listening to feist on my headphones and looking at all the knitted mittens and socks, the cakes and soups, the old tapes and books. it was such a nice flea market! i hadn't thought to take out my camera then, but i wish i had gotten some pictures!

speaking of pictures, after the mall i walked up the main road to west street, which is an adorable one way with all these shops and coffee places and a big church. it's so, so pretty down there. i sat in a coffee shop and had a blueberry muffin and hazlenut hot chocolate and looked out the window at the fall and the people! one lady had on a little skirt with boots, she must have been so cold. i was all bundled up in my coat and mittens.

after west street i went to walk back to the university but got sidetracked by another little street i found tucked away by the stairs leading to the pond. and i'm so glad i found it!! it was the most perfect little street, with big big trees and old houses with porches and porch swings, chimes hanging in the doorways and big wooden doors. one house had the most lovely lace curtains, i wish i'd gotten close enough to see them better!

the trees on that street were unbelievable, orange and red and yellow and tall tall tall. they were so big!! i danced a bit when walking, and sang along to my music. it was like a fairytale there. one house had rounded walls, and one had a big brick wall surrounding it, with a green gate on the front. it was gorgeous! i wish i could live on a street like that.

on my way back i passed a dad and a little girl and boy and a dog putting up halloween decorations in their trees. they were so cute! it was like something from a movie, that street.

then, when i went back to the stairs leading to the pond, i had to stop and look out over it because it was so pretty. and while i stopped and took some pictures and just took in the scenery, another man who was taking pictures asked me if he could take one of me! i said sure, and he took one of me just looking out over the pond like i'd been doing. after that i danced some more down the stairs.

i stopped on the way around the pond to look at the swans and ducks. unfortunately i didn't have any bread to feed them, but a little boy and his mom were there feeding them so i didn't feel too bad! the little boy kept trying to get in the water with the swans. i don't blame him! they are beautiful.

then i crossed the bridge to lead up to the hill to come back here. the bridge is so nice, with all of the rushing water underneath and the trees surrounding it. two little girls were underneath it throwing stones in the rapids. they were wearing sweet purple coats! they weren't by themselves don't worry, their parents were watching nearby!

i passed so many people on my walk and whenever i pass people i smile and say good afernoon and mostly everyone smiles back. it makes me happy knowing people are friendly and probably like being greeted with a smile just as much as i do!

i've got to go to the library soon before it closes and get the book Oedipus the King to read for my greek civilization class for tomorrow. i love Oedipus. i especially love the song by regina spektor! i listened to a lot of her on my walk today.

i hope you all had as magical a sunday as i did, and that your week is off to a beautiful start! xx

home wishes

Thursday, October 16, 2008

going home was so, so, so good. i miss it like crazy and i've only been back one night. i miss my mom being in the kitchen when i get up in the morning with the radio on, i miss my puppy trotting around on the hardwood floor, i miss my dad watching the news with his heating pads on his neck, i miss my sister and i going for random drives around town. i miss my friends and just being totally random with conversation and what we did. i can't wait eight weeks until i go home next, hopefully i get back sooner.

i realize it's thursday but i just can't bring myself to do a things i love post, because it would all be about home and it would make me more homesick :( hopefully i get back into things quickly over here so i'm not too lonely. my parents always told me that i'd miss home once i left, but i was dead set to get out of the town and start a new life. i was wrong, they were right.

wouldn't you miss that puppy? she is so adorable. oh my, i'm so homesick. and i have so much work to do for school, so hopefully that will distract me for a while at least. my friends want to go out and party this weekend, i want to stay in my room and drink hazlenut hot chocolate and write in my journal and dream about home. or go for walks with my music around the pond and look at the swans and dance alone on the bridge over the rapids. it's so pretty there, i'll have to take pictures sometime

how was your weekends? i don't know if i have any canadian friends who read this but i hope you had lots of turkey and dressing and apple pie if there are! thanksgiving dinner is so so delicious, nomnomnom. my mom cooked for me all weekend, i ate so much good food - beef and broccoli stir fry, pea soup and dumplings, french toast, waffles with fruit and whipped cream, homemade hamburgers with salad, chicken canneloni.. i wish i could cook all of these things here but the kitcen is so gross and i just don't feel up to making something that won't taste as good as my moms.

my backyard was so pretty when i got home, the leaves were all in patterns over the trampoline and i was THISCLOSE to that little bird in the tree! he and i just stared at each other for a bit, then i took a picture of him and he hopped onto another brance and ate some berries. i love the fall, i wish i got to be home for more of it! there's a view out over the lake in my town that is breathtaking, i didn't get a chance to go see it when i was home though.

i apologise if this post was a bit depressing! i'm just very much missing home, as you can tell i'm sure. i'm off to greek civillization now, though, i have a midterm tomorrow that is making me nervous!

have a good thursday <3

things i love thursday

Thursday, October 9, 2008

i've never actually done a things i love thursday! but i figure i'd give the blogs namesake something to stand up to so here goes!

-when paintings turn out as you imagine

-this skirt

-knowing that i get to go home tomorrow, and see my family and my puppy and my friends whom i miss unbelievable. getting to sleep in my own bed and drive with my sister in her new car even though we don't have the same taste in music

-fall weather, and the ivy on my school turning orange and then bright red and now deep deep maroon

-the story of mukadzi negarwe, the woman and the crocodile, that was told to us in a storytelling class this week. the storyteller was so passionate and had purple streaks in her white hair. she lived in zimbabwe for a few years doing research on storytelling, and told the story beautifully - and then showed us a videoclip of the woman she heard the story from telling it. it was so beautiful, every movement the woman made symbolized something in the story, and the women around her singing parts of the repetition - i could have listened all day. she spoke of the jacaranda trees in bloom this time of year, and how they covered the streets with purple flowers. i hope to someday be able to see this for myself.

-my acting journal. it is just a stupid little 32 page blue exercise book that i didn't take seriously at first, but now i realize that writing in it will actually help me in the future - i can look back on all my fears and mistakes and see how i really felt about them in my first year of theatre school.

-the little houses i made out of photo frame corners that live by my doorway! my friends think i'm nuts, i think they're jealous ;)

-chocolate chips. they are oh so bad. but oh so good.

-simon pegg and all of his movies - shaun of the dead, hot fuzz, run fatboy run - they are so so so unbelievable funny. i can't stop laughing when watching any of them. and they remind my of my dad, he and i have exactly the same sense of humour. i can't wait to see how to lose friends and alienate people!

-"we are aware that it may become confused with what doctors call "the will to live" and we are aware that some beliefs are what others would dismiss as "garbage." we are aware that there are men who believe the earth is flat and that the birds bring forth the sun.
bound here in our own pecliar mortality, we do not wish to see or see others see that which signifies life's demise. we do not want to hear the voice of our father, as did those other sons, calling down his own particular death upon him.
we would shut our eyes and plug our ears, even as we know such actions to be of no avail. open still and fearful to the grey hair rising on our necks and if and when we hear the scrabble of the paws and the scratching at the door."
--alistair macleod

ALSO <3 :
going to all of my classes and not feeling tired in between, getting to level 43 in the impossible quiz, learning about herodotus in greek civilization, the toilet paper pyramid in my bathroom, knowing my friends across the island miss me as much as i miss them, talking to exes and being comfortable with it, my new brown jacket and boots, my cousins love for her new school, writing smile notes on stickies and putting them on the backseat of busses for people to find.

have a good thursday, lovlies <3

paper thin walls

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

my wallmate always plays guitar and sings in his room and since the walls are so thin i can hear him all the time and it's like having my own little concert periodically during the day.

it snowed this morning!! which is crazy since it's the beginning of october, but not entirely shocking since it is newfoundland. the weather here has always been off center.

i bought a tree canvas today, my friend bought the other one with the colors inverted which i wanted to go with this one but she took it first, sadly. she's giving it to her boyfriend. i told her to tell him to paint me a picture as consolation, because he paints these really bright cool pictures.

i had the day off from classes, so we walked to west street and got some hot chocolate and went to BARGAIN! BARGAIN! BARGAIN! BARGAIN! THE BARGAIN SHOP! yes, that is it's real name. and we don't call it the bargain shop, every time we say the name (which we do as much as possible) we say the whole thing. it makes it exciting and who doesn't need more excitement in their lives?

i have classes tomorrow all day, and then i have three classes friday and i get to go home!! me and my friends from the other side of the island are sososo excited to see each other. wow i said excited a lot.