nans house

Sunday, October 5, 2008

i went to stephenville for the weekend. my nan and uncle picked me up at the front entrance as soon as i was finished classes on friday afternoon. the drive was SO PRETTY, to stephenville. it's all trees and they were all fire red and golden yellow and bright orange. it was gorgeous, i wish i'd gotten pictures of it!

i love it at my nans house, it's so cozy and familiar there. it basically has not changed since i was little, except a few little things, of course. but the upstairs rooms - the "boys" room and "girls" room, from when my mom was young, are still the same as they were when they all lived at home there.

i have so many papers and assignments to do, it's really not going to be a good day. and i can't seem to get anything done either, here i am on this and listening to deathcab! that is not productive at all.

my cousins puppy is getting so big! and she keeps peeing on the floor :( it's not good, my uncle gets really mad at her but she's still young! hopefully she learns.

i can't wait to go home next friday, for five whole dayssss it should be relaxing and good. i'm so excited to see all my friends who i haven't seen in almost two months! it's pretty hard being so far from everyone, even with the friends i have here.

i hope you all (whoever might read this ;)) had good weekends! what did you do?