brick walls & rain falls

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

it's a bit rainy today but i might walk to the library anyways, i want to get the book the princess bride because i'm doing a monologue from it on friday! and also it's just a good book anyways.

i could have slept in this morning but i didn't! i wasn't very productive though.
jana and i tried to go skating, but a grouchy lady told us there was none. i tried to be polite to her but she was in a bad mood, i guess. poor lady.

i have a lot of things to do this week, but i keep putting them off. i can't wait to go home next friday, i want to see my puppy and my kitchen and sleep in my own bed. i love it here but i do miss my home.

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danica said...

Welcome to blogging! You have a very pretty blog here :)

X said...

Princess Bride = best.

Monologue? Are you an actor? Me too. x

the tea drinking english rose said...

hlovely pictures.
i like the deer.

sara said...

thanks so much for commenting you guys :) i honestly did not expect for people to read this heh

i am an actor! well, studying to be. are you attending school for it or is it just something you do?

the deer is actually a caribou and it is on a journal i got from old navy! i love it so much.