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Thursday, October 16, 2008

going home was so, so, so good. i miss it like crazy and i've only been back one night. i miss my mom being in the kitchen when i get up in the morning with the radio on, i miss my puppy trotting around on the hardwood floor, i miss my dad watching the news with his heating pads on his neck, i miss my sister and i going for random drives around town. i miss my friends and just being totally random with conversation and what we did. i can't wait eight weeks until i go home next, hopefully i get back sooner.

i realize it's thursday but i just can't bring myself to do a things i love post, because it would all be about home and it would make me more homesick :( hopefully i get back into things quickly over here so i'm not too lonely. my parents always told me that i'd miss home once i left, but i was dead set to get out of the town and start a new life. i was wrong, they were right.

wouldn't you miss that puppy? she is so adorable. oh my, i'm so homesick. and i have so much work to do for school, so hopefully that will distract me for a while at least. my friends want to go out and party this weekend, i want to stay in my room and drink hazlenut hot chocolate and write in my journal and dream about home. or go for walks with my music around the pond and look at the swans and dance alone on the bridge over the rapids. it's so pretty there, i'll have to take pictures sometime

how was your weekends? i don't know if i have any canadian friends who read this but i hope you had lots of turkey and dressing and apple pie if there are! thanksgiving dinner is so so delicious, nomnomnom. my mom cooked for me all weekend, i ate so much good food - beef and broccoli stir fry, pea soup and dumplings, french toast, waffles with fruit and whipped cream, homemade hamburgers with salad, chicken canneloni.. i wish i could cook all of these things here but the kitcen is so gross and i just don't feel up to making something that won't taste as good as my moms.

my backyard was so pretty when i got home, the leaves were all in patterns over the trampoline and i was THISCLOSE to that little bird in the tree! he and i just stared at each other for a bit, then i took a picture of him and he hopped onto another brance and ate some berries. i love the fall, i wish i got to be home for more of it! there's a view out over the lake in my town that is breathtaking, i didn't get a chance to go see it when i was home though.

i apologise if this post was a bit depressing! i'm just very much missing home, as you can tell i'm sure. i'm off to greek civillization now, though, i have a midterm tomorrow that is making me nervous!

have a good thursday <3

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the tea drinking english rose said...

oh my oh my goodness.
now i miss home completely too much all over again.
i miss my mother. her cooking. my kitty. my bedroom. my desk.

but lovely lovely pictures, and thank you for letting me come into your home for a few minutes.
i wish for a waffle now too.

Anonymous said...

aw i hope you feel better ♥
your post made me think about how i always imagine i'll just get up and leave when i'm older without really considering that i might miss home so much! i think it's pretty brave that you did that anyway. i hope i don't get too comfortable and decide against exploring the world ... that wouldn't be too good.

anyway, thanks for the blog comment! i really like your blog too, it's so pretty and heartfelt. ♥

p.s that waffle looks delicious. yummy :)

sara said...

x the tea drinking english rose - i hope the homesickness isn't too bad! we'll get used to it i'm sure :) you should definitely treat yourself to a waffle, maybe it will make you feel better <3

x barbara - i didn't go too far from home, four hours, but still it is a big change! a good change though, because i'm studying what i love and nothing would stop me from doing that!
my mom makes the most delicious waffles, i can never make mine as good as hers! <3