London Blooms

Friday, March 28, 2014

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Have a nice weekend! xx

Pizza Night

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

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Saturday night me and Rory decided pizza, cider and a movie were in order.

With an Italian playlist and a Jamie Oliver pizza crust recipe we diced and mixed and tossed and then perched in front of The Devil Wears Prada. I think between the two of us we knew every single line from that movie.

We maybe overdid it on the dough and I was eating pizzas for days. Not that that's a complaint.

From My Phone

Friday, March 21, 2014

I always find pictures I forgot I took when scrolling through my phone photo album. So I thought I'd share a few!

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Gorgeous blooms in Greenwich one sunny afternoon

 photo 4B973B4B-4D31-4BC4-9ADD-7FB5F5463FC1.jpg

Fang and Rabbit and the World

 photo D1C88278-58C9-436A-ABA6-EF9F1137FA49.jpg

I think these were called Traveler's cookies? Or perhaps they were called Crack Cookies. Because I had one and I want more. (At Greenwich Market)

 photo 2C8B99AA-E3A8-4F6B-9832-6A7526DF2F54.jpg

Do not miss that snow, do miss that little face. (A picture my mom sent me!)

 photo ACE3EF0F-27A7-4529-BF45-175A1B2C3A55.jpg

A Chelfie* I took at Hackney City Farms

 photo A3D9A755-7499-4CF7-BD45-1246A35E6E58.jpg

Brunch with Anna at the Book Club

 photo 68BB3BFB-8F24-496D-8F89-6B778148590B.jpg

Houses in puddles

 photo 4DB2D74D-A438-423D-9296-3E7F73B9C886.jpg

Peanut butter cookies my mom baked (Hands up if you think Joc should start a bakery!)

 photo 814F9110-C0B3-4C86-A59F-D80E75BFBF71.jpg


 photo BAE939C8-A785-41BE-BCBC-C123D6F3EA3E_1.jpg

Dum Dum Donuts

Happy Weekend everyone!

*Chicken Selfie

Southbank Classic Car Boot Sale

Monday, March 17, 2014

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Sunday afternoon Rory and I headed to the South Bank for the Classic Car Boot Sale that was going on there.

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 photo 2F34FC0E-A778-4B29-B8DF-2886DE740E50.jpg

Loads of people were out, it was such a beautiful day

 photo 5E323968-E4CD-4744-B515-D7FC0BF1CE63.jpg

I have a thing for vintage tins, I wanted every one of these! 

 photo 4F223EBA-8D70-45C1-9039-8C4FE514B275.jpg

Had just finished telling Rory I wasn't interested in cars and then I saw this beauty.. yes please

 photo D571F9A5-A65A-41A4-AFC4-C8249B85DA16.jpg

 photo D801AB35-62C3-467F-87D0-22893E16A605.jpg

We passed this little guy a few times so I snapped a pic, he had on a little sailor sweater! 

 photo 44F5CC62-E63F-4C42-99E7-7AB87DE6B5D5.jpg

 photo B6AED65A-DA5D-4CCB-AB13-0EFCF8820132.jpg

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 photo 5B92365F-69C3-45E6-9B79-5B31F0DC4AA2.jpg

 photo 47ECF0AB-13E3-4473-9A7C-9B885834F4BB.jpg

A few pimms were essential

 photo BA82A6AC-81F5-473F-B5B4-64082E15653F.jpg

 photo C6705EE4-24AE-47D1-BB61-21ADD89E6898.jpg

Isn't Rory a babe?

 photo 14B1A900-C391-41E6-BA92-01F536D24422.jpg

 photo 9583485A-D9E2-43BA-959F-BC89018E427E.jpg

 photo 8A81A19C-3FC1-4A33-A8B4-1A3B32E15824.jpg

Afterwards we wandered through Covent Garden to a few thrift shops there, I loved these colorful sweaters (Old Man Sweaters, as my mom calls them!)

Finished the day with a Sunday Roast compliments of my roommate Tom, and some roasted pears for dessert from Joe.

Another successful Sunday in London.

Daunt Books

Friday, March 14, 2014

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 photo F10670E7-812C-469A-807C-912EA0460785.jpg

 photo E28CF3FB-D4F9-483E-AE8F-73FEC1945D5A.jpg

 The weather was gorgeous (again) the other day, so I made my way to cross off another item on the London To-Do List I have going.

I read about Daunt Books someplace or another, and had seen a picture of that gorgeous interior and that was enough for it to be added to the exclusive list (or not so exclusive.. it's about as long as my arm).
I walked here from London Bridge, with a two-hour mini break at Trafalgar Square where I sat writing and drinking a juice and people watching. It was so warm! I still can't get over this weather (I know, I know, shut up about the weather Sara).

After sitting for aaages I decided to get my butt in gear and made my way to Daunt Books while the sun was juuuust starting to make it's way down in the sky. Sidenote: the days are getting longer and that is just another thing I could talk about repeatedly but I'll save you that. You're welcome.

Daunt is on Marylebone High Street, which is quite a cute little street if you ask me. I sent a text to my friend Ashley shortly after arriving saying something along the lines of "heaven must look like this." Because ohhhhhhh my. It's just a really pretty shop. And is full of really pretty books. I could have happily spent an entire day in there looking at everything and now the list of books I want is even longer than usual.

Go here if you're ever in London and you love books! Feel free to buy me the book of love letters in the third photo down while you're there.