Cronuts and Pastel Houses

Sunday, March 9, 2014

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Friday -
After work, a few colleagues and I went for pizza in Clapham, and then bussed to Battersea to go to the Magic Garden with a group of Britbounders. It was nice to hang out with Canadians from work, and then people from all over at the pub. The pub itself was really cool - fairy lights everywhere, mismatched tables and cushions and blankets. We had a few bottles of wine and then headed home.

Sidenote: I love that drinks start right after work here, so by the time you feel like you've had a full night it's only ten or eleven o'clock. Does this make me an old granny? Fine. I still love it.

Saturday -
Started the day by breaking through the back door (the door is weirdly fused shut or something and we have to take the whole bolt off to open it) because it was so nice out we wanted to hang in the garden. Bella toasted a bunch of bagels and we had quite a spread, including nutella, peanut butter, jam and cookie butter.

Afterwards me, Bella and Tom went to Hackney City Farms for a little adventure, and ended up having the nicest afternoon. Watched chickens and ducks chase each other, an old goat who did not have a care in the world, a cute little sheep couple and some gigantic pigs being lazy in the sun. Sadly the cat garden did not have any cats in it. Bella and Tom got some lunch in the little cafe there, and I had lemon sorbet.

We wandered down Columbia Road after that, and then to Shoreditch where we popped into Dum Dum Donuts and each got a cronut which was lifechanging (seriously, it was so delicious). We went to visit our other roommate at the bar he works at and then Bella and I headed home for snacks and Mean Girls and pajamas which is a great ending to a Saturday if I do say so myself.

Sunday -
Waking up today I immediately opened my window as it was 14 degrees already. Instead of lounging around in bed like I normally would do, I got dressed and headed out to make the most of the day. In a tshirt. It's March. And I was too warm in my tshirt. Ugh, I love it here. I had my jean jacket with me but the only purpose it served the whole day was as a picnic blanket.

I went to Primrose Hill, which was packed with people enjoying the sun. It went up to twenty degrees by lunchtime! I grabbed a magazine and a bit of lunch and sat and read and ate on the hill for a while. Afterwards I wandered down Regent's Park Road and people watched - everyone was outside having lunch and coffees and walking their dogs. And I spent a bit too long looking at the pretty pastel houses

After refueling with an iced macchiato from Starbucks (first of the year!), I went to Tottenham Court Road to the massive Paperchase there, where I bought a map for my wall and March's Wonderland magazine. Emma Watson was calling me from the shelf, I couldn't resist.

So, that was my weekend. In a gigantic nutshell. It was nice not really having a plan at all, just taking the days as they came. Hoping my week (and the weather) is just as good as the weekend was! 

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Joccy said...

wow, you sure had an awesome weekend with not a minute to spare. The pictures are great, the dishes are so colorful and the scenery is breathtaking. I can't wait to see it all! I have to start drinking tea, the teapots and cups are beautiful.

Karen said...

That pink jug! I have three! Pink, blue and green, all different sizes, all found at different places. Love them!

Mrs. Teacher said...

I desperately want to try cronuts!

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

that cronut looks amazing! and the weather looks pretty awesome too.

Miki said...

So, you're the girl I need to talk to if I ever go back to England :p. You visit all the coolest places!