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Saturday, February 7, 2009

nineteen years ago today i waved my little hand hello to the world for the first time. it's my birthday! this really is one of my favorite days of the year. wishes and hugs, cupcakes and bubbles, post and packages!

my little mail box has been stuffed full all week. full of wishes from aunts, nans, parents, brother, sister.. even the little girl my sister babysits send me some birthday crafts she made! how sweet.

thursday brought me a big parcel in the mail and look at how wonderful it was! packaged with love from my mom and sister, they wrapped almost every little trinket individually.

red paper full of glitter, pink napkins, valentine plates, homemade rice krispie treats, kisses and chocolates. i couldn't resist opening a few at first - i got a teeny black coin purse for my little change, yummy watermelon gum, valentine window stickies, a tin with kisses inside, little valentine dish cloths with hearts and love! today i opened the rest, they were full of tiny heart candles, shiny heart stones, more chocolates and candies and two silly movies! my family is so sweet.

i've also gotten lots and lots of cards in the mail, silly ones from my brother and sister and mom and dad, sweet ones from my nan and pop and aunt, and even a few valentine cards! each envelope was full full of hearts and kisses and love that spilled all over my bed and floor, it was raining valentine love all over. also my nan always has put little stickers all over her cards and envelopes, ever since i was a tiny girl (since my very first birthday!) and this year was no different. isn't her envelope sweet? pooh bear!

i treated myself to a little birthday gift with some money that i got (the rest is going to savings!!) i bought two little adorable cupcake shirts, oh they are so sweet! at first i was just going to get purple but then i saw the creme and couldn't not get it.

i also bought myself four books with a gift card from chapters. i could live in that store, really truly i could. surrounded by stories and lives and tragedies and comedies.. just the smell of books makes me happy.

they are just four short reads, but they all seem very girly and every now and then i need a little girly read in my life! i read the one called wish, it was very sweet. and also a tiny tinkerbell tea-set, for tea with fairies and mice and ladybug friends.

on friday night my friends and i had a little dance party to celebrate for my birthday! i got lots of birthday kisses and i wore my cupcake shirt and pink nailpolish and we stayed up until four in the morning. you can only imagine how tired i was come saturday!

but i will talk about two weekends ago for a minute. it was so so fun. glow bowling and valentine decorating. heart-shaped cupcakes with pastel pink icing and sprinkles. movies. wonderful friends.

we made our dreary lounge look so pretty with pink and red and hearts everywhere!

look at me gushing and gushing! how are you all, sweets? i hope you are having as wonderful a day as i am!
stay sweet, always

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notebookdoodles said...

aaw you're so lucky to get all those letters =) happy birthday!


Sara said...

Happy Birthday!

Miss Izzyyy said...

Happy birthday

izzy ox

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday :) x

Mila said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
It all looks wonderful and so sweet...


lina said...

i hope your birthday was as lovely as your blog:]

Cil said...

Lovely birthday-reportage!
ps: I ♥ the last picture.

ashley said...

happy birthday!
looks like a perfect week...
especially love the cupcake singlets~ lucky you:)

PROVINS said...

Lovely lovely lovely...
Just found your blog.. Great photos, very inspirational..!!