lovely france, summer sorry

Monday, August 10, 2009

i apologise for being gone, summer swept me away and kept me on its warm warm breeze.
i will post my own photos when it passes.
i love you all dearly, please please stay!

(all photos from noa's livejournal)

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Rachel said...

o la la! What a wonderful set of photos.

amy said...

oh to live in a pink house on a hill.

jules said...

oh these are so amazing. So perfect for summer.

ryan manning said...


danica said...

*swoon* those photographs are wonderful.

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

lovely lovely beautiful photos!
i am in love with the polaroids in the photos.

TheGreenFaerie said...

This is such a beautiful post..
Thanks ever so much.

Anonymous said...

lovely lovely gorgeous photos! :)) i'm still around, reading your posts!

y'know what? i'm gonna be linking you on my blog. hehe. xx