Paris Weekend (deux)

Thursday, June 4, 2015

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All set for more Paris?

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Good. Because this may have been the best part: getting to go to Shakespeare and Company. Which just so happened to be right next to the restaurant where we had dinner plans. FATE. I'm sure of it.

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Do you know how long I've wanted to go here? The answer you're looking for is about ten years, when I first heard of it. That's a long time to want to go somewhere! And we just ended up right next to it by chance! Magnifique! Incroyable!

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Fun fact: You're not allowed to take pictures inside Shakespeare and Company.

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Funner fact: you are reading the blog of a REBEL. I couldn't resist taking a few sneaky snaps. SORRY NOT SORRY.

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Especially of this little saying above the permanent book collection upstairs. Dreamy. Do you know what else was upstairs? The giant white cat that lives in the bookstore. That's right. Lives there.

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And here is the little restaurant where we had dinner!

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Jenny & I had a little whisper about if we'd ever tried escargot and after discovering neither of us had, we decided to split it for an appetizer. It came in this amazing puff pastry and inside was this delicious herb and cream and mushroom sauce.

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And the snails, obviously. Which.. eh. They reminded me of muscles, which I think are disgusting. And I'm not a picky eater. Anyways, now I can say I had escargot in Paris! And that will likely be my first and last time.

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Then: French wine and duck in caramel sauce. I don't even think I need to say anything else.

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Afterwards, Jenny, Alice and I stumbled home on the metro before everyone else because we could barely keep our eyes open at the dinner table.

One more Paris post to follow about our Sunday afternoon at Versailles!


(Don't forget to check out #TTDERbridalpartyinparis on twitter and instagram for everyone's snippets of the weekend! There's some gorgeous snaps on there!)

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Joccy said...

Looks like an amazing time in Paris. You are braver than me to try the snails.