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Saturday, December 13, 2014

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On a whim, I decided to sign up for Oh Comely's Perfect Strangers Project. You just sign up and then send a little parcel with whatever you want inside to someone somewhere in the world! Totally up my alley. Pen pally things are my faaaavorite. Who doesn't love a snail mail suprise?

My partner, Niamh, is from Ontario (I requested to have a swap partner within Canada, but you can leave it open to be paired with someone from anywhere in the world!), and she sent me a package full of things I love; cute little woodland creature magnets, a super cool fox & bear mug, three different teas (which made the whole box smell amazing). She also added one of her favorite books, a tiny foxtail keychain, a handmade kaleidoscope, super cool unicorn party picks and a little journal for us to write in and send back and forth.

I don't think Niamh has received my package for her yet, but it was so much fun finding things to go in it and baking some treats for. I think the next Perfect Strangers swap isn't until May, but it was so much fun I'll definitely sign up for it again!

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Miranda | Miranda's Notebook said...

What a cute idea! I love Oh Comely magazine, but had forgotten about their swap - sounds like a great idea! It is so nice to get a proper parcel in the mail.

Niken said...

that is so exciting! even more since you're sending and receiving a gift to stranger.

Claire said...

I saw this and thought about signing up, wish I had! LOVE snail mail! x

Elizabeth Rebecca said...

What a lovely idea!

Lizzie's Daily Blog

Audrey Lin said...

This is adorable :') I think it may be a little risky for me to participate in this, because I've been meaning to send my friends postcards for the last three months, but I haven't even gotten around to that yet! We're all in our freshmen years of college, so sending and receiving packages from each other is really heartwarming :') Hope your Christmas was awesome & happy holidays! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's