12 Days of Baking: Day Six

Friday, December 12, 2014

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I don't know if I've mentioned this on the blog already, but since moving home I've started working at little cafe. It's pretty much the only place in my town that doesn't quite feel like you're in central Newfoundland, except for the fact that every single person who comes in generally knows at least one, if not every other person drinking coffee in there.

Anyways, obviously we have treats there as well as coffees & teas, and there's often homemade biscotti in jars. For some reason the people of Gander just don't seem overly keen on biscotti and tend to go for the partridgeberry scones or the giant muffins. Both of which are insanely delicious, I might add, so I really can't blame them.

But it's rare that someone comes in for a piece of biscotti with their coffee. Why! Biscotti is the perfect coffee drinking companion. I don't even drink coffee and I know that! I'd happily dunk a piece in my coffee (and then not drink the coffee and order a green tea instead). It gets all coffee-y on the outside but is still nice and crisp! What more do you want from a biscuit?

I'm rambling. What I'm trying to say is while the biscotti may not fly off the shelves at work, there are only about 3 pieces of this batch I baked left from about two days ago. So you should make it to go with your morning drink of choice. And the people of Gander should really jump on the biscotti train too.

(Recipe originally from The Globe and Mail, I nixed a few things and use this version)

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Claire said...

Hi! I just found your blog :), I used to work in a coffee shop and we sold Biscotti, but as you say they didn't exactly fly off the shelves, I couldn't eat them as I was terrified of breaking my teeth on them! x