More Tea With More Friends

Thursday, November 12, 2015

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My plans with Charlotte for us to spend a day together in Brighton coincided with Felicia's last day in England, which was more than perfect because it meant one of my oldest friends got to meet one of my new(ish) friends, which is always exciting.

We lucked into a non-rainy day in Brighton that wasn't too cold either, so as soon as Felicia and I met Charlotte at the station we walked through town to Blackbird Tea Rooms (again!) for tea and cake.

Three pots of English Breakfast, three different cakes, and lots of catching up and baby questions and getting to know each others later, we spent the rest of the afternoon popping in and out of Brighton's charming shops and chattering away to one another.

We stopped for a bit of late lunch at Little Bird (apparently we were on a bird themed food tour of Brighton), and then took some photos on one of the cute and colorful Brighton streets.

It's so nice when friends from different parts of the world and walks of life get to meet - nice and also a bit surreal. Who would have thought that my sixth grade bestie would meet my first ever blogging friend? Life is funny like that, in the best way,


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Claire said...

ah, I love the blackbird Tea rooms, I went to Brighton a few years ago and hunted this place down. I wish we had somewhere like that in my town. Oh there are a lot of cafes. But nothing compares really.