Afternoon Tea

Sunday, November 1, 2015

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We went to Julien Plumart (the one on Duke Street in Brighton!) for a little afternoon tea.

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Our English Breakfasts came in tiny clear glass pots that I loved

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And then our stand of treats showed up!

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My pretty tea date in her new dress :)

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Let's take a second to appreciate those treats, yes?

 photo 0136a1307f7c53e602475999c4a1fbdfcf7d0e00a6.jpg

Felicia's apricot-lavendar-chocolate cake

 photo 01e56749fc51a3e19e48c611ffeb4eef4cdf2037dd.jpg

My raspberry white chocolate mousse cake *heart eyes emoji*

 photo 0161834f862a6edcd77626dd70a86f46a60de70b45.jpg


 photo 0105577d02e1181384391467f648209d675caef9b4.jpg

Obviously chose a pistachio macaron (along with black forest and salted caramel)

 photo 0190f0c29dcb1a2683758fbcaa448db5d1379074f2.jpg

Hi again! (I had a new dress on too, and my new Brighton necklace! )

 photo 01afe3ff8bcfd3fbfd7a4ff289708152d49b9557bf.jpg

The cute little room we were in overlooking the street

 photo 0130c2405e0a8410a5c5aaee8a5cc364fe1ff351f2.jpg

Hard to resist not buying one of each rainbow macaron dreamy goodness as we walked out!
I really wouldn't mind having afternoon tea daily, especially with such good company :)

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Stephanie Claire said...

This looks gorgeous! I went to Brighton a couple of years back, but I really don't think I made the most of it! Might have to put it on my list for 2016!

Stephie from Tea in your Twenties xx

Bronwyn McConvey said...

What a cute little tearoom. I like the modern elements mixed in, too. So many macarons, so little time!

Claire said...

looks great! I always think Macaroons look better than they taste lol x

Sara said...

Awww so cute! And the clear glass pots are super cute!