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Saturday, September 13, 2014

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Baked cookies (twice now - had to bake an emergency batch for watching GBBO!)

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Found the cutest tearoom while out with Holly in Stockport and had a scone and a berry tea for lunch

 photo 010772b0badff033bea184b9d7bfed349ac55eaea3.jpg

Took a bright pink bubble bath

 photo 01596059d117892c434c69da4cdeab3fb3e9280bf3.jpg

Watched a movie with mountains of popcorn

 photo 01fe6a1296e122a9c2bb187465c5a016c1f7d24b89.jpg

Saw the cute bunting in our kitchen window from the outside

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 photo 01475aea104ad4cc89564525b6fffc6be6a179d30f.jpg

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Browsed Heaton Moor Market and tasted treats and bought a cute pair of earrings

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Rachael said...

What a cute little tearoom and that is a serious amount of popcorn. Love the idea of the bunting in the window too, might have to try a window to do something similar myself!

Candy said...

It looks like you had an amazing few days, food-wise! I am actually most jealous of that massive bowl of popcorn though - I am going to try to convince my husband to make me some popcorn now...!

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~ K said...

Yes to the popcorn, I need to get myself some more for movie night :)

I could really go for a cream tea now, mmm scones. Might have to make a batch in the next few days.

Sophie Juliette said...

That is the most perfect tearoom! And I'm exactly the same with having a strong urge to bake when watching the Bake Off, I'm seriously craving pastry after tonight's episode! xx


I wish I was good at baking, people see to really enjoy it and I always wander of the magic behind :)

Laila said...

The tearoom looks adorable! Going out for tea is one of my favourite activities! I need to do it more... *googles afternoon tea*