Croatian Holiday: Split & Trogir

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

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Holiday posts are way way way overdue, I know!

But when I got back from my incredible trip to Croatia, I had to pack up all of my belongings for the second time this year and move! More on that another post.

As I've said many, many times already, Croatia was unbelievable. First of all, getting to hang out with my brother and Aaron for ten days was so great. Haven't seen my brother since Christmas! Plus traveling is at the top of both of our favorite things to do lists, so it's always fun traveling together (we went to Ireland and Scotland together a few years ago)!

We started out in Split. Well, let me go back - I started in Dubrovnik having (stupidly) booked my flights to the wrong city. Slick move, Sara! So I bused from Dubrovnik to Split as soon as I arrived and met up with Chris and Aaron at our guesthouse in the evening.

We grabbed some dinner and had our first Croatian pints and wandered around Diocletian's Palace, which looked beautiful at night and was full of twists and turns down narrow stone streets.

The next day started with a private walking tour of the palace. Our tour guide, Lucy, was incredible and knew everything there was to know and the answers to all the questions we had. Diocletian built the palace after resigning from being the King in 300CE. You know, just a small small home to relax in. The main square architecture was basically a patchwork of history; some of the columns and sections of buildings were from the 13th, 15th and 17th centuries. We kept joking about how new the 17th century bits were. History jokes, hilarious, I know. (I actually do think they are hilarious..)

In addition to the history about Diocletian, we also saw a group of a Capella singers whose voices were so beautiful and a little touristy re-enactment of the King greeting the people in the square. Plus Lucy pointed out a few places where Game of Thrones was filmed (the dungeon where Daenerys locks up her dragons? Yup, that's actually beneath the palace and is full of souvenir shops!)

The next day we went to Trogir, which is a little island a short boat ride away. We accidentally got off on the wrong island when the boat first stopped and had to run down the pier to jump on the boat before it left us stranded where we weren't meant to be. Oops.

Trogir is also a UNESCO site; a small island that we just sort of wandered around exploring and eating gelato. It was really picturesque, but sadly the grey overcast skies didn't provide the best backdrop for picture taking.

Our last morning in Split we hiked up to a lookout, which was obviously beautiful. Every time I could see any city we visited from above it felt like I was just watching it in a movie and not seeing it with my own eyes. Traveling is amazing.

It's a good thing I've decided to divide my holiday up by city.. this was just two days worth of pictures and stories! Oi. Hope you're ready for more!

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Unknown said...

Blimey sounds like you had an adventure going to the wrong city and then the wrong island! That gelato looks incredible. I've wanted to go to Croatia for the last 5 years but it keeps getting forestalled by family weddings or holidays away together. It has to be next year! I look forward to reading about the rest of your trip!

Sarah said...

I'm dying to visit Croatia and your pictures have only intensified that desire! Such lovely shots and I'm near drooling over that gelato. :)

BA said...

It looks amazing, I was avidly snooping on instagram at all your photos of Croatia and the ice cream. It sounds like you had a fantastic time and Croatia is definitely on my hit list x

~ K said...

What a collection of lovely photos! I've never been to Croatia but I've been seeing a few bloggers go that way and I can't wait to go myself. My bf and I could have gone when we went Interrailing but it didn't match with our train plans in the end. Shame, such a beautiful place.

I love the clouds in the photos, they always add a little atmosphere to the picture.