Croatian Holiday: Dubrovnik

Monday, August 25, 2014

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On to what was my absolute favorite Croatian city: Dubrovnik.

How do I even describe it? I'm not sure I properly can. It honestly felt fake, the red clay rooftops, the sparkling turquoise water, the enormous city walls.

The drive there (we took a bus) was equally as scenic as the city itself; the road straddles the hills, winding over the sea seemingly dropping straight down into it at times. Passing tiny villages along the way, purple flowers and white walls.

The first thing on our agenda was a private tour Chris booked for the three of us, which started with our driver picking us up just outside our accommodations (we stayed here, for anyone wondering, and it couldn't have been more ideal, directly outside the Old Town walls), and we drove up a steep, steep, windy road to Srj Hill. The views of Dubrovnik from there were incredible. Again, it was like the city wasn't real. Our driver was so knowledgeable and gave us tons of information and history as we drove and looked out.

From there we went to Cavtat, a tiny town about twenty minutes out from Dubrovnik where we actually spent our last night in Croatia, so more on that later. And then we were dropped off in front of the Old Town walls again where the walking part of our tour would start. Another guide, more amazing sights and facts about Dubrovnik. Inside the Old Town walls, the city is like a labyrinth; winding streets and stairs every way you look, beautiful glossy stone streets and walls.

When the tour finished, we asked our guide what we should definitely do while there and his list was 1) walk the walls, 2) get gelato at La Dolce Vita, 3) eat pizza at Tabasco, 4) do a wine tasting at D'Vino. I'm happy to report we did all of those things, starting with pizzas at Tabasco for dinner.

Afterwards we headed back to the house and I ended up turning in early while Chris and Aaron wandered around the Old Town. Chris got apple pie gelato from La Dolce Vita and proceeded to talk about its amazingness for the rest of the trip.

The next day (Whew, are you still with me? Maybe I should have made this two posts..) Chris and I went to the Old Town bright and early to visit the market to buy candied orange and lemon peels sold locally each morning. They are delicious and addicting and you should definitely get some should you ever find yourself at the Dubrovnik Old Town marketplace at nine in the morning.

Next up: Game of Thrones tour! I remember months ago when we were first talking about this trip Chris asking if I'd be interested in doing in. My answer was naturally an enthusiastic YES. Another incredible tour that I definitely recommend; we walked all over Dubrovnik and our guide, who was a nerd in the absolute best way possible, knew everything about the books and shows and showed us all the filming locations they used in the city.

Included in the tour was the ticket to walk the walls, since they filmed some scenes on them as well. If you do only one thing while in Dubrovnik, it should be this. Despite getting caught in the loudest thunderstorm I have ever experienced and having to take shelter from the torrential downpour with espressos in a tiny cafe in the walls, it was still incredible. The walls circle the whole city (obviously) and lend to some of the most amazing views inside and out. We kept saying "this is SO AMAZING" every time we walked a few feet.

(Please excuse my insane hair, did I mention it was so windy I felt like I could have blown clear off the wall into the Adriatic? Because it was.)

Following lunch at a little family restaurant and gelato at La Dolce Vita, we ended our stay in Dubrovnik at D'Vino, a charming little wine bar. We each got a tester of 3, and sipped away for an hour or so before turning in back at the house.

Alright, one more Croatian Holiday post after this, and then back to England I came!

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Sarah || Daydreams of Summertime said...

So glad you love Dubrovnik as much as I do. We have been there two years in a row because we love it so much! and Your photos are gorgous!

Candy said...

Your photos are so beautiful! You have a gift! And that little ginger cat looks just like mine! <3 <3

Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

~ K said...

Can't believe I missed an opportunity to go here when we were interrailing... I need to fix that and take a trip ASAP :)

Really, really beautiful photos.