Croatian Holiday: Korcula

Thursday, August 21, 2014

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After Hvar, we hopped on another boat to Korcula. Met by pretty flowers and sparkling blue water, we dropped our bags off at the little travel agency our guesthouse owners ran, and wandered off to explore and get some lunch. Unfortunately the place we ate was the worst meal any of us had ever had - so bad, in fact, all we could do was laugh about it afterwards - but the cute town (and, thankfully, the local Konzum grocey store) helped us get back in the right holiday mindset.

The island of Korcula is small, and the little town itself was even tinier. Full of cobbled streets and small side alleys everywhere you looked, I fell in love almost immediately. I think one of my favorite parts of every place we went to were all the small side streets, with clothes hanging out windows and flowers growing up walls. Little cats prowling around everywhere and kids selling seashells on the sides.

 We walked a little to what was supposed to be a nearby beach but turned out to be a sort of dock, but it was still lovely to lay in the sun and dip our toes in the water (me) and jump in to cool off (Chris & Aaron). I read Mindy Kaling's Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? which is a hilarious read.

After we'd had enough sun we headed back into Korcula to get ready for dinner. We decided to treat ourselves after the catastrophic fail that was lunch, so we headed to one of the most highly recommended restaurants, and - thankfully! - it didn't let us down. We started with warm bread and red wine and all of us got the lamb as our main, which was incredible. The sun set as we ate outdoors and it was a really, really nice evening overall.

Afterwards we skipped dessert at the restaurant in favor of gelato at a tiny place next to where we were staying; I had tiramisu and nutella and ohhh my. A good choice, if I do say so myself.

(Also, can I just say that for two massive scoops it cost 75p.. WHAT KIND OF HEAVENLY BARGAIN?)

The next day we rented bikes from downstairs and rode to Lumbarda, a little town about six kilometres away. The ride there was absolutely stunning and I had one of those I can't believe this is actually my life moments. Dusky blue mountains jutting into the bright blue sky behind deep green fields and trees. We rode through fields of grapes right before getting to the beach. It was so beautiful. And then, the beach. Ahhhh. The first sandy beach we'd been to, with warm water and a little breeze coming off the sea. It was bliss. I finished reading my book, drank a few ciders, went for a few swims to cool off. Got burnt. Again.

After a few hours we rode back (I saw a lizard!), showered and then napped in our room, and went out for dinner again in one of the tiny side alleys. We all got pizzas and beers and it was a wonderful end to a chilled out stay in Korcula.

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~ K said...

Lovely photos!! Sounds like you had a great time, minus the terrible food. Ice cream always makes up for that though :)