officially winter

Monday, November 25, 2013

the past few days have been snow snow snow, and i think now it's officially winter here in central newfoundland. we were lucky to not get hit as much as farther west than us (some communities were in a state of emergency with no water or electricity for days!), but there is a solid layer of snow down now and i don' think it's going to leave this time.
every year it's like my dog, kiwi, has forgotten what snow is until it snows again. she goes outside and sticks her nose in it and then gets lost wandering around the backyard (poor thing is blind), and we have to open the patio door and guide her back inside by speaking to her. my mom is so funny, i think she thinks kiwi understands directions and is always saying "to the left kiwi, there's a step. nope - nope - a little further - thereeeeee you go!"

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fantine said...

you are really lucky, i am so eager to see the sidewalks covered with snow