saturday night

Saturday, November 16, 2013

i haven't said much here lately at all, but there hasn't been a whole lot happening in my life. i go to work and i go home and i countdown the days until i move across the ocean.
anyway, a little snippet of tonight. it's chilly out (the snow we had all melted but the weather hasn't warmed at all), so a cup of tea and a good movie seemed perfectly in order. so i put the kettle on, but it didn't seem right to have tea on a saturday night without a treat to go with it. and so i quickly whipped up a batch of little shortbread critters (i really do mean whipped up - they took about 15 minutes to make as i've been making them since i was five years old). i popped on you've got mail - one of my all time favorites - wrapped myself in a duvet and snuggled into bed with my tea hot in my hands.
hope you're having a lovely weekeend!

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Rosie said...

Your blog is so darling! So glad to have been introduced to it! xx