chocolate hazelnut butter and the sweetest mail

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

hello hello dolls!
oh i just have to start by saying i am so happy today. i am bursting with it. good music, good weather and good company have all contributed to this day, and i am absolutely loving it. 
i went on a little thrifting adventure, walked all around the city by myself and then hiked signal hill with my brother. it was wonderful.

this little post is to share with you a recipe for chocolate hazelnut butter and a gorgeous package i received a few weeks ago that i've yet to share!

for the chocolate hazelnut butter i followed this recipe. it was super simple.

you basically toast hazelnuts for a few minutes until they smell amazing, then whir them away in the food processor until they're nut-buttery.

then you add some cocoa powder, a bit of oil and a bit of honey and whir a bit more and voila! delicious chocolate hazelnut butter. my only complaint about this recipe is it didn't make enough! i will definitely be doubling it next time.

i pretty much ate most of it straight from the little jar with a spoon. but some of it made it on top of my oats a few mornings, and i did microwave a wrap with peanut butter and the chocolate hazelnut butter which, needless to say, was unreal.

now onto my package! the ever so lovely sarah sent me this a few weeks ago and i can't say i wasn't like a kid at christmas when i got the postal slip in my mailbox to go pick it up.

i was at a coffee shop right after i went to the post office and picked it up and was going to wait until i got home to open it but i literally could not, haha. so i opened it while sipping a caramel macchiato and every time i pulled something new out i was happier and happier!

sarah sent me a lovely card, a little notebook (which i'm still trying to decide what to use it for! i'm so fussy about new notebooks), a tiny polaroid of her hanging paper cranes, a lovely notecard and envelope and a bunch of paper cranes for myself! they're on all different patterned paper and i can't wait to hang them in my room like she has done in the little polaroid.

i have to take a minute here and thank sarah for this beautiful package. over the past few months she has become one of my closest blog friends and i absolutely adore reading her blog whenever she updates. we also follow one another on twitter now, and i have to thank modern technology's brilliance for allowing two people who live so far apart to be able to connect like we have! it's magical. so thank you a million times sarah for being such a great friend and loyal reader. 

and i have to say thank you to everyone else who shows up here too. it blows my mind that people read this, it really does! i get so excited to discover new blogs and meet new people. 

my happy day has turned me into a sap, it would seem.

i hope you are all having as amazing a day as i have, and that you are full of love and light.
love, love, love xx

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wilybrunette said...

oh wow, a stunning package indeed. and how much do you love your food processor, i can't get enough of mine.

Abbi said...

Homemade hazelnut butter sounds delicious :) And I love your blog design! It really looks great.

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Mmmm yum I just love honey! =)

hila said...

that is such a lovely package, I wish I got such things in the mail, rather than bills :) and mmm, chocolate hazelnut butter, just the words make me salivate.

Sarah said...

Thank YOU for being so sweet, Sara! :) I'm so happy the package made you ecstatic. There's just something so wonderful and exciting about receiving packages in the mail! The photos you took of the package and its contents are lovely, especially the ones of the paper cranes on the tall grass. What makes it even more amazing is that you had a caramel macchiato while digging into the package - I love caramel macchiato! ;)

And yes, I'm so thankful for twitter too! The wonders of technology.

Oh, and that chocolate hazelnut butter looks SO delicious and tempting! Eeeep. I'd definitely LOVE to try some! Looks really sinful too, haha. :)


Rosie said...

hello lovely sara!!!

aww, i am so glad you are so happy! that reipe sounds so yummy, and i love your picture of the cranes in the grass!

your little blog always makes me smile :)


All Things Sweet said...

I love this post, paper cranes are so cute!

ps. you have won an award off my blog, check it out x

Dolly Daydream said...

This is adorable! That package is darling!
How do you even make paper cranes? they're cute!

Athena. said...

Oh, and your happiness is infectious! It's always so lovely to receive mail; you have a wonderful blog and I'm so glad to have found it! xxxx

Lo said...

that looks perfectly deadly--Can't wait to try it out!

Kylie said...

you are darling! what a lovely pacakage. so glad i found your blog (via andrew + carissa). happy to be a follower!