Tuesday, September 27, 2011


i'm not sure how well you can see it
but my hair is blond on the ends, i promise

(please forgive my messy room
i also promise my bed is usually made)


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Becca said...

aw, I like it!
is this new?
so pretty, and your hair is so long!

Catherine said...

I love your hair, I can definitely see the blonde ends! The flower pin you are wearing in it is lovely too~

Anna Emilia said...

Looking your world makes me want to go back to school too. Enjoy it for me! (I stay enjoying everything else.)

A little bit of mess is sometimes good, it means that things happen.

Have a good day.

Josie said...

Your hair looks absolutely lovely! And those pictures have such a romantic hue to them - I whish my camera would do that...:)

Iris said...

Your hair! Been wanting for the similar colouring style for some time now. ♥

Style Blogger said...

Your blog is so nice :)lovely!plz can u follow myn?i wud b so honoured!xxx

amy said...

beautiful hair. doll like-

hugs (^.^) hope to hear from you *

rachel! said...

love it! did you do it yourself?