back to school

Thursday, September 22, 2011

it's almost fall and i haven't posted since summer! but i have been incredibly busy and extremely happy so i think that's okay.
first thing's first, i'm back to school! and i am absolutely loving every single minute of it. late august i realized i had had enough of working my horrible job every day and was yearning to go back to school and actually learn this time around. so here i am, taking five courses toward and english degree with a french minor! my classes are amazing. shakespeare, ancient egyptian history, french, anthropology and psychology. could it get any better?
i also got a job at the school bookstore, which i love love love. 

these pictures are from the last little while. made a trip to my cabin with my mom and brother. we played cards and boardgames and trivia, baked a cherry chip cake and ate it with whipped cream, took pictures of the sunset and curled up inside away from the rain and wind and watched funny movies all night long (i forgot how much i loved bridget jones' diary). 

i ombred my hair recently, i'll do a post soon with pictures of it. i'm always wanting to change my hair, but not get it cut (it's a fear of mine) and not color it permanently. so this was a nice compromise! 

this post is getting a bit wordy and long now but i wanted to update you all and tell you that i hope to be around more now that fall is here and i'm getting settled into school again. i'm sorry for being away for such a  long time but i think i needed a little blogging break! i've been reading all your blogs daily, getting inspiration for my life and i love it. i'll begin commenting again now as well. 

happy september everyone! and lots of love

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Yona said...

Lovely pictures! <3
I so jealous! I want to ombre my hair too but i'm kinda afraid lol. I'm probably have it done next month.

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Clélia said...

I love it :) Love your blog i'm new member !!!
COme on my blog you can win an OPI nail lacquer if you love my fan page !!! really love the pics with scrabble original !!

JandeGroot said...

Oh, i love scrabble! Your classes sounds very interesting and congrats with your job :)

Liset said...

Oh I posted the comment above by accident with the account of my boyfriend :) xx Liset (

Raquel said...

I love your blog !