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Hello! Welcome! I always find these pages incredibly awkward to write! It's like when you get asked to write a mini-blurb about yourself for the theatre. Referring to yourself in third person never feels quite right.
My name is Sara! I'm twenty-six, and living god-knows-where at the time you're reading this. I have a tendancy to bop around the world a little bit.
I've had this little internet corner since 2008, which seems a bit crazy now that I'm typing that. That's almost a decade. I remember my first post, when I was studying theatre at university. Snapping pics with my little point-and-shoot digital camera (that was THE BOMB at the time, thank you very much) and trying to write things that I thought other people would find whimsical and interesting. You can see my first post here. Go on, have a look. I'm embarassed for me too.
Anyway, now I tend to post less fairytale-inspired things and more day-to-day things. What I've baked recently. If I saw a dog. That sort of thing. 

Things I like: books, baking, summer, cake, sunsets, snuggling under duvets, movies, dancing, seeing old friends, naps, lattes, my birthday, writing, hey rosetta, remembering what movie that guy is from, new notebooks, grilled cheese sandwiches, christmas, going to the cabin, pretty dishes

Things I don't like: being cold and losing my favorite pens (also not knowing what I'm doing with my life but hey ho)