Sweden: Uppsala Part One

Thursday, June 26, 2014

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Well! I'm a bit behind on blogging and have a ton of things I need to share!
We'll start with our first days in Sweden.
Tiff and I went to visit our old roommate, Johan, in Uppsala a few weekends ago. We arrived to this well stocked liquor cabinet and knew it would be a fun weekend.

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The first day Johan showed us a bit around Uppsala and then had some drinks. Which lead to a series of photos that might best be left off the blog.

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That is the most normal one I could find. So, yeah. We went to a bar nearby, and it was really strange - we walked there in the light and left in the light. Not that we stayed out super late, it just never seems to stay dark for long in Sweden this time of year! I don't mind.

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Tiff and Johan were in desperate need of coffee the next morning, so after some breakfast we headed out in search.

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Sat by this pretty canal in the sun drinking coffees, and just as Johan finished telling us no one swims in it because it's not the cleanest, a triathlon started and a bunch of people swam by.

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Ice cream. Obviously. Pistachio & Strawberry cheesecake for me (heaven).

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This guy was standing outside shops everywhere letting people know they sell ice cream inside. (He's the one in the middle, in case you were confused since we all are standing so similarly.)

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Next we headed to the Uppsala Cathedral. The King had been there that morning! I think that means I am Swedish royalty now? Something like that.
The cathedral was incredibly beautiful, so big and so many intricate details. It was stunning.

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Johan took us to a few of the university buildings and they were absolutely gorgeous. It's no Memorial University of Newoundland, that's for sure.

Okay, back again soon with more! I hope you like Sweden, because I have a lot more to share. Also upcoming: More friends visiting, the Cat Cafe, The Lion King and lots of cake (duh).

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Joccy said...

Beautiful pictures of lots of interesting things and places. Where did you get your love of cake? Can't wait to see more!

~K said...

Lovely photos and that ice cream sounds good! Looking forward to seeing more :)