Ice Creams and Outdoor Cinemas

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

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Nobbly Bobbly's
Cats on flower pot lined steps
Lunch at the best cafe
Watching Grease on a hill (featuring wine, snacks and friends)
Burgers bigger than my face at Brockley Market
New dress

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New Girl in Toon said...

The pictures really do say it all, what a perfect weekend!

Chloe x

Katy Louise said...

That dress is absolutely gorgeous, may I ask where it's from?
Love your blog! Katy x

Sarah said...

Beautiful photos. :) As a fellow Canadian I am so inspired by your adventures abroad.

Grace said...

This looks like such a perfect day (if you switch the nobbly bobbly for a fab ;) )! I've always wanted to go to an outdoor cinema but never quite managed it - where was the one you went too??
Grace xXx

Ashley D said...

Watching Grease outdoors sounds like so much fun! Aaaand now i'm craving burgers so thanks for that:)

Becca Allen said...

For over a year I've been meaning to go to Brockley Market and get a burger from there as I follow them on twitter!

Your weekend looks amazing and the ice cream looks so delicious x

Ibbs Quinton said...

These adventures are singing out summertime!!!!
x x
{The Lobster & Me}