Owl Cookies

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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After seeing cookies like these at the market last weekend, I decided to give them a go myself! I just used a basic shortbread recipe (this one, if you're wondering!), added chocolate chips for eyes, almonds for beaks and forkprints for feathers! Easy peasy. And jeez, they're cute aren't they?

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Alice said...

Oh Sara these are just the CUTEST THING EVER. I am absolutely going to have to give them a go!

Alice xx | The Cup and Saucer

Frank Vinyl said...

ahh those are so cute! love the photos

francesca from

Becca Allen said...

They're so cute! Bravo! And your cookies aren't a shade of burnt-brown like mine often are x

ensembledeux said...

Those look adorable and delicious! :)


Joccy said...

Great job, they are so cute.

Ellie said...

Aww, they are the cutest!

~K said...

Too cute!!

Hannah T. said...

Oh so cute! :)
x Hannah