Bloggers do Hogwarts (part one)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

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This weekend past was a BUSY one. Friday night I had a night out with my roommates, Saturday afternoon I met my friend Anna who was visiting from Paris for brunch at The Book Club, and Saturday night I took the train to Essex to visit old friends in Harlow.
Waking up Sunday I have to admit I wasn't in tip top shape, but my excitement to meet a bunch of lovely bloggers and, obviously, to spend the day immersed in full on Harry Potter magic was fuel enough to keep me going.

After randomly running into my first year acting professor on the train and catching up with him for an hour or so, I made it just in the nick of time to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour, who so kindly hosted a group of ten of us bloggers and tweeters (I'll link everyone up below!). The wonderful Jenny arranged it all for us - I remember getting a tweet about it months ago and can't believe it's actually happened! Blogging is insane. These are girls I never would have met were it not for this little ol blog. ANYWAYS. Back to Harry.
 We collected our goody bags (Ridiculously generous, Warner Brothers!), and made our way into the magic.

I visited the Studios last time I was in England (posted on the semi-forgotten travel blog I kept then, Wanderlust), and I can honestly say I was equally as excited for and in awe of everything as much on Sunday as I was two years ago.

From wandering into the Great Hall, seeing the floating candles hanging from the ceiling, staring wide-eyed at Dumbledore's office and the scarf that was knitting itself in the Weasley's kitchen.. I was basically a kid again running around from prop to prop, set to set.

The amount of detail that went into these films is incredible. And being in the Studio just reinforces the amount of time, effort and love poured into them. Hand drawn labels for over eight hundred vials in Dumbledore's office. Frescoes in the Great Hall that faded so much over the filming you can't even see them in all of the movies. The multiple cat pins and broaches on Umbridge's shockingly pink wardrobe.
I could gush all day.

Instead, I'm splitting my trip into two posts because let's be real, can there ever be too much Harry Potter on the internet?

The lovely ladies I experienced this with:
Charlotte (The Tea Drinking English Rose)
Alice (The Cup and Saucer)
Bess (Thoroughly English)
Jenny (Sunny Sweet Pea)
Emma (Stripes and Snapshots)
Sarah (@sarangacomics)
Sophie (Sophie in the Sticks)
Hazel (Hazel's World of Joy)
Beth (@missbw1505)

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Emma StripesandSnapshots said...

I don't think I saw the scarf knitting itself, gutted I missed that bit. I suppose I need to go back now, what a hardship!!!

Ibbs Quinton said...

The purple bus would definitely be a highlight of the tour for me :)
Aren't blogger events just the best? Everyone is so happy and cheery and it's such a creative atmosphere
x x x
{The Lobster & Me}

~K said...

That places look amazing! I would definitely like to do this some time!

~ K